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I sat down in April, like a good little girl, & made what I knew would be the first draft of many drafts of the guest list. By the end, I had myself a 3 1/2 page list of family & friends. I knew that I would be continuing to add names in the next few weeks as I carefully thought about the people I would invite to the wedding. Of course, I only compiled my side of the list along with mutual friends, yet the list was already creeping toward 150!! That has now since been revised ever so slightly.

Then about a week after that, I forced Ben to sit down & push out his side of the guest list. Oh let me tell you, it was like pulling teeth from a non-sedated wild mountain lion: there was a lot of scratching & screaming. He was so uncooperative! You would’ve thought I was asking him to sit through a 5 hour poetry reading with no intermission! Goodness. It took about 1 hour before I gave up & settled for the list he had given me, which was less than adequate. He had me write about 30+ names down, but there were about 30+ others that all he said was “Put down 1” or “Put down 4 for this family,” but he couldn’t even spell their names!! Now tell me, how am I supposed to send out an invitation addressed & mailed to them if I don’t even have their names?! (we have yet to come to the address collecting portion of the wedding planning. I’m not looking forward to that either.)

I write all of this, because today, while waiting at the dentist’s office, I decided to take a second look at my first guest list. Comparing my list to Ben’s list, I could see that I had a lot of work still left to do. So in the next few weeks, as busy as they are, I’m going to sit Ben down & we are going to name each & everyone of the people on his guest list. I’ll let you know how this goes. Hopefully smoother than the first time.


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I wanted to get some use out of the Scrabble tiles that I spent so many days slaving away on. Jaja was leaving pretty soon for Virginia & then India, so I knew I needed to hurry up & find a time to get some pictures in. It was an extremely HOT Monday, & I knew we wouldn’t want to be out long, so we just decided to take the pictures in our backyard.

I have decided that I’m going to post up some teaser pictures from the shoot, to whet your appetites. These will NOT (I repeat: not!) be any that will be used on the actual Save-the-Date cards, but I figured it would help you get a sense of the what went on in our backyard Monday afternoon.

This was the first picture of the day. I guess setting up all of the pieces under the hot sun wore us out right off the bat. Do we look comfortable? Well, we were totally faking it! The grass was sooo itchy!!

& here we are again, just messing around. I don’t know how Jaja didn’t yell at us for being uncooperative. I blame Ben. He’s ALWAYS the instigator when it comes to acting out & not listening to direction.

Quite cute, if I do say so myself, but if you were able to zoom in, then you could really see how badly I was sweating! My upper lip & neck are quite shiny. It was one of the last pictures of the day (only took like 45 minutes), & I was completely ready to get back inside.

Look how happy we are!

I haven’t decided if I will need more pictures. I’ll be putting the cards together in the next month or so. Then I’ll be able to see if all of the pictures Jaja took can be used. If not, then I’ll probably recruit Angel or Andrea (or both) to be my amateur photographers for a day.

But no one will see anymore until we send out the actual save-the-date cards, which I’ll blog more about in the next week or so.

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19. 2012.

All finished!!! On Saturday, I finally got all of the pieces done & I was so excited! As much as I loved sketching & painting all of the different tiles, I always feel elated & proud once a project is completed.

Here are the rest of the tiles:


Then when you put them together, you get:

& voila!! The project is finished!! It took a bit of time, not so easy when you try to freehand giant letters & numbers. I did use a ruler to get the lines as straight as possible.

Then today I got Jaja to take some pictures with the tiles. I only had time to glance at the turn-out, but I liked what I saw. Hopefully, it is all that I need & the Save-the-Date cards will be good to go!!

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I woke up Friday morning & got on my computer like I normally do. I checked my email, my Facebook, & WordPress (I love checking up on how many people view my blog each day! It’s becoming quite an obsession.) I am also in the habit of putting post-it notes on my laptop to help remind me of the things I need to get done. Every night I make a new to-do list for the next day. Apparently, I had forgotten to do it the night before, because that morning I looked down & noticed I hadn’t changed them. Then I noticed something else.

Ben had written me a little note: “Ben is cool!” It made me smile. It reminds me of when we first met. After meeting & spending a couple of days getting to know each other, we exchanged numbers. Ben entered his phone number into my Samsung Jukebox & under NAME he wrote “Ben Is Cool”. & I have left it like that ever since.

Then I looked on the other post-it note (on the left side of the laptop mouse) & there was another note amidst my to-do list!

This note — “LOVE YOU!” — was definitely a lot sweeter than the first, but I loved both of them. I thought it was a great start to my Friday.

I went on to work on the next set of tiles. But because I wanted to change it up a little, I decided to put everything on one bigger tile board.

Here is the initial outlines of the letters. I don’t know why but this set of wood pieces (that were cut from a different piece of 4′ x 8′ birchwood) had a different “wood look” than the others. You can see the contrast of colors that was the natural finish on the tile. In the end, I didn’t mind. It made it more unique, because now the separate pieces definitely would not look alike. That’s how it should be. Different wood pieces/boards always have a different pattern, & that’s how it should be.

About an hour or so later, I had finished:

I admired my handiwork — naturally — & liked what I saw. Of course, I have this perfect idea of how all of these tiles will be used, but I’m a little hesitant about the fact that reality might fall short of my vision. But I’m not worried. With photo props like these & such wonderful subjects like Ben & myself, there is no way these pictures won’t turn out AMAZING!

P.S. The mini photo shoot is tomorrow, but before I can post about that, I need to finish the last blog with the final pictures from this project.

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I didn’t realize how intense this process would be! I have no problem making the projects & taking pictures of the different steps, but trying to get the blog post up the same exact day I make the project is going to happen once every bluish-green moon.

I’m sorry, readers, but you are just going to have to bear with me for the time being. I will get the posts up as soon as I can.

I finished the second piece of the save-the-date project on Thursday, but it seemed like every time I sat down to download the pictures & write the post I was distracted by something else that I had to do. But finally, here are the pictures!!

Most people can tell that these scrabble “tiles” are kinda big, but I wanted to show you guys just HOW BIG these painted pieces were compared to the real Scrabble tiles. Pretty huge, huh?

After I drew the letters, I went straight into painting while catching up on some Hulu shows from the night before: Modern Family & a few others.

In the middle of painting, Ben came over to hang out during his break from work. He always brings me a little food. 🙂 So while I continued painting this is what Ben did:

He ended up taking an hour nap too while I was hard at work. But, in his defense, he had been working since 10:30am & had to go back to work until closing at 10:30pm. Poor baby! I had to let him sleep.

It didn’t take me long to finish the rest of the pieces. Here is the finished product:

Another set of tiles down & only a few more to go. Technically, I have already finished painting all of the pieces, but according to your knowledge, I’ve only got a SAVE & a DATE. I’ll post the rest of the pictures tomorrow.

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Anybody who has never heard of the store ANTHROPOLOGIE much less walked into one of this locations is missing out on a LOT!! I have never walked by an Anthropologie without stopping & staring for at least 5 minutes at the new breathtaking & inspiring window display that dresses the front of their store. It’s always so unique & creative. I have seen paper Japanese umbrellas, cork tops, colored bottles, & butterflies displayed in an entirely new light.

I also LOVE everything that they sell! One of the photographers I interviewed a while back told me about the new BHLDN bridal line that just came out. This line, although linked with Anthropologie, is primarily online-based shopping. BHLDN is AMAZING!!! I completely fell in AMOR with their new collection of vintage wedding decor.

Love banner.

The cutest drink stirrers!

Vintage typewriter-style table numbers

Green pom-pom/poofy balls!

I love this color palette as well!

Engraved forks

Unique & adorable napkin rings!! Especially love the birds!

Plates that are just too cute!

Chalkboard hearts – what a great idea for placecards!

I just don’t have the money to splurge on these items, but some of them are so easily DIY-ed. I know I can definitely make the banner, the stirrers, the pom-pom/poofy balls, & chalkboard hearts. & actually, spoiler alert, I am working on a project for engraving spoons…so why not add forks & even knives to that list?! I think I can do it! 🙂

Go visit the website (www.bhldn.com) & see the rest of their new catalog. They even have outfits & accessories!

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May 19th, 2012

That is the wedding day. It’s pretty much “set in stone”, although it’s not really set. in. stone. No formal contracts have been signed quite yet, but let’s just say that all important people & places are in agreement. That date…that weekend…seems absolutely perfect for everyone in the wedding party & parties associated with the big day (ie. photographers, officiant, ceremony & reception hall, etc.) so it’s the date.

I figured I would put it out there & make it blog official. Now you all know!! So we have a busy year ahead of us, & it’s gonna be a whole lot of fun! Got a lot more phone calls to make, emails to send, places to see, details to arrange, & projects to make. But I can’t forget the most important thing: spending time with my family, friends, & family-to-be.


366 days to go (because next year is a Leap Year :))

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