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(soooo behind on bloggin, so ya’ll must forgive me!)

Last week, after all of the chair molding was ripped from the walls by a very handsome man (lol), I went to work taking off the wall….paper. By the end, I wish I could’ve taken off the entire wall & started with a fresh new wall that had never been tarnished with wallpaper. But the past home owners were not privy to my wish & therefore did not grant it.

The top layer was quite easy to peel off. I did all of this:

in about 10-15 minutes. You can see that the floral wallpaper (aka the top layer) came off with no problem. But you see that tannish, eggshell color on the top half of the wall?? That is still part of the actual wallpaper. It is the bottom layer of the entire floral wallpaper. I thought it might be easier to peel it off layer by layer since it didn’t look like all of the layers wanted to come off at the same time.

Then I came to a spot where the top layer & bottom layer chose to not part ways. I ripped the piece off, & it revealed this:

Another layer of wallpaper underneath!!!! So….this meant that (as told by Ben) the previous owners of the house left up wallpaper which was then covered up by Ben’s parents. Just wonderful! This meant that I would have to peel off an entire other layer of darn wallpaper!! I was not happy. But, I actually didn’t mind the pattern of the underlying wallpaper. It was green, after all, & had a modern, linear pattern to it. I was playing with the idea of keeping that wallpaper there for a little while until, further into the peeling process, I noticed that this wallpaper didn’t cover the entire walls! I guess the wallpaper culprits (aka past home owners) ran out of wallpaper & just left an entire upper corner void of green wallpaper. Totally unnoticeable. Keeping the wallpaper idea was not going to fly anymore.

I just kept right on peeling. I didn’t mind because Phineas & Ferb kept me company. Here is a spot where the entire floral wallpaper & green retro wallpaper were inseparable & they all came off together.

This was when I realized that it was possible to cut this project time in half just by peeling all layers of paper off at the same time. Genius!!! I was definitely ready to not have to deal with wallpaper anymore!

Finally, not too long after, all of it was off!!!! But then I was left with this:

But what you see is not the actual wall wall. You can’t tell by the picture, but the brown splotches are cardboard pieces flaking off from “supposedly” the back layer of the green retro wallpaper. What?!?! It was pretty thick & didn’t look like it would be coming off without a fight. Those painted dots & line across the photo are where, according to Ben, somebody had put drywall & sanded down.

So bottom line is that we cannot really do anything more until we figure out how to remove the cardboard or flakies in order to get a smooth wall. But since we weren’t able to tackle that issue, we decided that we could at least figure out what kind of color we wanted the room.

After much discussion, we settled on the color purple. It’s a warm & inviting color — exactly the feelings we what to invoke when people gather in the dining room. Now comes the time to pick out what shade of purple. We taped some purple paint swatches that we were considering onto the wall in order to get a better idea of how that color would look on the wall.

I’m happy to announce that we did come to a conclusion which……………..will be announced in a later post!!


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no more mold? check!

Well, it’s probably not the kinda mold that first pops into your head, which should bring some relief. This mold is not hazardous to your health, so those of you who have spent any time in the house can breathe easy.

On Wednesday, after working on the wallpaper for about 2 1/2 hours, I woke Ben up from his nap so he could help me. While I continued scrape scrape scraping at the wallpaper in the living room, I got him to work on the dining room. (Oops, I just realized that I might’ve forgotten to snap a before picture. owell)

Before we could attempt at taking off the floral wallpaper lining the dining room, we needed to take off the chair molding (or it’s called something like that) that divided the walls upper & lower halves. The top half was wallpapered, but the bottom half was left white. These means only HALF THE WORK!…..right?? I certainly hope so, but I’m afraid to get my hopes up at this point.

I bought a small crowbar like tool made specifically for taking off molding. I got instructions from some Lowe’s employees, & I relayed them to Ben. I was confident that we (aka Ben) could do this.

After about 20 minutes or so, I came back to check on him. Ben was doing pretty well.

Half of the room had been de-molded.

Ben had started a good pile of trim. Thank goodness it was pretty simple to remove. Otherwise, it was possible that we couldn’t remove it at all. Something about nails in sheet rock or the underlying structure of the wall. I don’t remember exactly what the Lowe’s employee said.

Here’s a closer picture:

& here’s a picture of the other side of the dining room:I was so happy that Ben was able to finish this project other quickly so we could start tackling the bigger project of the week: that dastardly wallpaper!

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Christi Falls put up a couple more pictures on her Facebook, & I just wanted to share them on here:

Like I told Christi & Ben while we were standing in that abandoned barn, I could see myself getting married here. I loved the rustic charm & the fact that, although it had been abandoned & was kinda falling apart, you wouldn’t need to add any wedding decorations to the place (except for some chairs).

But it saddens me to say that we will probably not have our wedding here. First of all, it will not seat 300+ people comfortably. More importantly, while we were shooting, we saw a lot of random people walking past the barn into a trail in the woods. Can you say creepy?? I would rather not have any wedding crashers next year. Please.

I just love taking pictures with Ben!!!

Christi was really quite amazing. Ben & I both had a wonderful time being photographed by her. I’m planning on writing a couple of rave reviews for her. Hopefully I’ll get to them these week. I need to compose my thoughts before trying to type out something this important.

For everybody to take note of (for the future), if you ever need a professional photographer, you should definitely consider Christi.

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Have you ever looked at a wall & wondered what that person was thinking when they shellacked it with glue & tacky wallpaper? When I was scanning old pictures from my parents, I saw the wallpaper we had in our old house, & I was super glad it did not tag along in the move to our new home. So happy my parents rethought the idea of putting more wallpaper in this house.

Don’t get me wrong, the new wallpaper designs that are coming out today are pretty cool. They are so modern. But I’m not a wallpaper kinda gal. I like using paint.

This week, Ben & I were able to tackle a project that has been annoying me for some time: the wallpaper adorning one wall in their living room & a different wallpaper in their dining room.

I first had to get rid of the one in the living room. Here is a picture of it (for you who have never been to Ben’s house):

What do ya’ll think?

It’s definitely a little bit of an eyesore. I get enough of the outdoors outside, I would rather not have it in my (future) house. Plus, it did not tie in with any of the other decor in the house much less the living room. It definitely had to go. Plus, the wallpaper is so dark, that it darkens the already pretty dark room.

Here are all of my supplies I got the day before:

(the half used bottle of DIF was found under their bathroom sink.)

Inventory (top left to right, bottom left to right): Piranha wallpaper remover, 1/2 DIF wallpaper remover, Piranha scoring tool, Piranha scraper, & a plastic drop cloth.

With all of my supplies laid out, I went right to work as Ben decided to take a nap. The instructions tell you that you must first “score” the wall with this tool:

You are supposed to lightly press it down & move it in a circular motion across the wallpaper. It scratches the paper without damaging the wall & allows the wallpaper spray remover to soak behind the paper rather than just sit on top.

I scored the entire wall & then sprayed the top right corner as a test corner. I waited the recommended 15-20 minutes before trying to scrape it off.

It came off okay, but as you can tell, some small pieces were still left behind. I would have to go back, spray some more, & scrape it off. As a perfectionist, I needed to get every single little speck of wallpaper off of that wall.

I sprayed another section, waited, & then scraped again.

At this point, I was tired of waiting & waiting, so I thought maybe I could skip that part. I would just spray & immediately scrape. (It shouldn’t be “shake & bake” anymore but rather “spray & scrape”). This actually worked!!! I was able to just spray a section, wait a couple of seconds, & then start scraping. It worked just as well, but made my job go by a lot faster.

about 10 minutes later:

As you can see, there are two layers to wallpaper. The top layer was a lot easier to peel off, but sometimes the back layer didn’t come off with it.

then another 15 minutes later:

It took me longer because I went back & scraped off the little pieces that were floating around. I told you I wouldn’t be able to stand seeing that up there for long.

& then finally….

The top half was completely stripped!! yippee!!!!!! The reason for this is, because the wallpaper was “hung” (?) in two halves: top & bottom. Doesn’t the room just look a lot brighter without that dark green wallpaper covering up the wall? Look at how full the trash bag is?! I know you probably can’t tell from the picture, but this trash bag is big enough to fit about two & a half of ME in it!! That’s how big it is!

More time passes & here’s what I got:

As I worked, I love listening to some of my favorite TV shows that are on Netflix. So during this entire time, I listened to Phineas and Ferb, Bones, & White Collar (this one wasn’t on Netflix).

& finally…(you thought this picture would never come)

ALL DONE!!!!! Whoop whoop!

You’ll have to take my word for this, but it just makes the room look so crisp & clean!! Removing the wallpaper to reveal the white wall definitely lightened up the room a TON!!! It just felt so much brighter, even though it’s still not as bright as I would like. That problem will be fixed with we get blinds instead of dark pink curtains & up the wattage of the light fixture. I have absolutely no regrets about removing the wallpaper. This was 5-6 hours well spent in my book!

Next post: onto the dining room we go!!

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Remember about a month ago in this post where I started taking apart Joe’s old room in order to turn it into my future studio?? Well, I’ve been slowly cleaning up the smaller things, & all that’s left now is a queen bed frame + mattress/box spring, a small side table, & a desk.

Wednesday, after our engagement photoshoot, I decided it was time to move a little more of it. After a little bit of strenuous lifting, I got the mattress & box spring off the frame, & they are now leaning against the wall waiting for transport to somebody’s wonderful apartment (still don’t know who’s though).

Look at all of that stuff just hiding under the bed!

I felt slightly more accomplished, but I was even happier when Ben took apart the frame.

Soon enough this entire room is going to be void of anything. Then it’ll be time to paint!! I haven’t had time to choose a color, but I know it’ll be some form of green (of course)!! Then after painting, we’ll pull up the carpet & install linoleum or tiles, whatever is cheapest. That’s the plan so far.

The plan is to tackle a few rooms at a time. Once those are done, we can move on. I’ll keep ya’ll in the loop. New blog post coming up soon about more home renovations!

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I’ve been working on a railroad

I’ve become quite a pro at using the hammer, if I’m allowed to brag about myself (since it is my blog, I think I will). All this hammering makes me feel like I’m working on a railroad. I actually started singing that song this morning, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to pay tribute to a wonderfully motivating song.

On Tuesday I started to do some more wood pieces & here’s the results:


become this…

& with the help of these

I came up with

the 2nd thing I worked on Tuesday was a piece of a set:

At this point, I stopped because I felt like the green thread was getting a bit repetitive & boring. I had to head over to A.C. Moore to pick up more not green thread before I did anymore.

I did pick up the thread on Tuesday, but I’ve been so busy the last couple of days with other things that I haven’t been able to get to it until today.

Now I’m finished with the set & finished with the wood blocks (for the time being as I move on to other projects…I think I have crafts ADD or something).

Here are the thread colors I picked out on Tuesday.

I wanted them to not only stand out but also accent the green thread.

I have been using quite a lot of nails….

But you can’t argue with the results

& when we put it all together, we get………….

Now, with these artistic reminders, Ben & I will hopefully never forget what day we are getting married. lol. & If ya’ll have forgotten, here I am reminding ya’ll. Don’t forget!!

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Sunday night after worship & dinner, Ben & I made a stop at A.C. Moore. They were having a Midnight Madness sale which involved 25% off the entire purchase!! I couldn’t pass this up, especially since I needed lots of fabric paint & enamel paint (for future projects you’ll see soon enough). Those usually aren’t very expensive so instead of just using the normal 40% off ONE item, I would save a whole lot more this time.

After we had checked out, an employee come over the intercom & said, “If anybody with an A.C. Moore Rewards Card would like to win a $25 gift card, come back to the floral section.”

First, I thought there would be no way that we would win, but we decided that, since we had time, we would walk back there & try to win. Long story kind short, WE WON THE $25 GIFT CARD to A.C. Moore!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to squeal, but I didn’t want to make all of the other ladies standing around upset…since they were giving me evil stares for (1) being the youngest one there & (2) for winning. Woohoooo!!! Who doesn’t love free money?! That pretty much made my evening.

Over the last week & a half or so, I’ve collected quite a few goodies from A.C. Moore. Here’s pretty much the entire pile, except for some things that are otherwise occupied by current projects. This doesn’t even account for the things I’ve bought this summer in preparation for all of the wedding DIY.

Don’t worry, all of this stuff was either on sale, or I had a coupon for it. I never pay full price for my craft supplies, & you shouldn’t either.

Here’s the breakdown of my goodie pile:

fabric & enamel paint

The fabric paint is for DIY “screen printing” & stenciling, & the enamel paint is for my future glass painting project.

Amazing stickers that are actually photographs of these.

They are all so bright & sharp. I imagine a couple of different ways I can incorporate these…like using them along with other mediums to create a collage. Or just framing them on their own as small wall art. I got them on sale for $.80/sheet.


for painting or stenciling purposes. Each one is unique which helps create different patterns & textures on surfaces.

Cute, romantic “Bingo” cards

p.s. Used them as props for our engagement photoshoot, so be prepared to see them soon.

Tiny wooden hearts

Maybe some wall art or accent pieces. Still do not know what I’m going to do with them, but I cannot pass up hearts…especially ones that have great art potential & are dirt cheap!!


I just pick out the patterns that I really like. I have like 6-7 more of these small fabric “packs”. Still figuring out what they are going to be used for, but I promise you’ll know when I know.

That’s pretty much all of it. I’ve got big plans for all of these things, & I cannot wait to actually¬† use them!!


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