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Tonight is the last night in Washington, D.C. Ben & I came up Monday night/Tuesday morning in order to take a break from the busy lives we live in the QC, & it has been absolutely wonderful. Tuesday, because of the rain & the entire night of driving, we rested. The only thing we did was meet up with Christina Choi — one of my wonderful bridesmaids — to eat dinner!! We spent 2 hours eating & talking while Ben sat there watching TV. It was A-MAY-ZING!!! After ,ore than 1 1/2 years of not seeing this girl, we had to fit everything into 2 hours. I think we did a pretty good job. I was just so happy that I was able to find time to come up to D.C. & see her!!

Then Ben & I spent all day today outside touring D.C. We went….everywhere. Pictures to be up in the next week or so…maybe two. lol. I have MANY pictures that need to be looked through, edited if need be, & uploaded. We had soo much fun!!! But it’s almost time to head back home.

We leave tomorrow morning & make the 7 hour drive back to Charlotte. Although this felt like such a short time away, it was a much needed respite from the everyday stresses in life.


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So here’s some good belated news:


Yupp!! That’s everything in a nutshell & until I have the rings, there won’t be any pictures to post (sad news, I know). But I can give you the full lowdown on how it took weeks for us to finally figure out what we wanted & then buy the darn rings.

Of course all of you know that I went to Jared’s a long time back — all the way in JULY — (here in this post) in order to get an idea of what kind of rings I wanted. Since I tried on a wrap (that’s the official term for the wedding band that your engagement ring sets into..there is a picture of it on the other post), I knew it was the kind of wedding band that I wanted to get.

Fast forward to the week of my birthday, when I finally convinced Ben to stop by the Jared’s outside Concord Mills Mall. We were planning on just browsing for both of rings & buy them sometime next year. Well, we found out from two of the sales ladies that in the next month or so, the price of gold would be going up quite steeply & that if we did not buy before the holidays then we might end up having to pay $300+ for the exact same ring!!! I couldn’t believe it! Because Ben was planning on getting a titanium ring, this wouldn’t affect him at all. I was so happy that we found this out before it was too late, & we were already shelling out more moolah for my ring because we had no other choice! Ben & I both agreed that we should buy the rings within the next couple of weeks (before Thanksgiving) so we didn’t have to worry about the price changing on us.

We spent a while in Jared’s deciding on the rings we most liked & getting the model # & price written down if we returned to purchase the rings. Although this was our first stop, it wasn’t going to be our last. We were smart enough to shop around & see what other deals we might find. The second place we went to was Kay Jeweler’s in Concord Mills Mall on Friday, November 18th. We loved their prices, their financing options, & their lifetime perks!!!!  Plus, it was customer appreciation so we got an extra 20% off (only my ring) already low prices!! We were sold, but didn’t want to commit to anything at that moment. We had plans to check out Diamonds Direct the next day during their 20% off everything weekend sale. If that didn’t work out, then we would be heading back to Kay asap since the extra 20% off ended Saturday (November 19th).

Saturday morning — the day that marks 6 months until our wedding day — we headed to Diamonds Direct. We didn’t have to step inside in order to know that we wouldn’t be buying anything there. At the entrance to the store was an awning & a red carpet rolled out. On either side sat black BMW’s. That shouted “MONEY!!!” quite loud enough for us to hear it. But I wanted to at least walk in & see if our suspicions were correct, & boy were they!! The place was packed!! As we maneuvered to the back to look at the wraps, we were blown away by the expensive prices!! Not fifteen minutes later, we walked out empty-handed & practically running back to Kay.

That afternoon, we picked out & paid (just a 20% payment on my wrap) for our wedding rings!!! The order was placed & we were told that our rings would be ready to pick up around December 6th. I am quite excited!! I can’t wait to see them in our sizes…which makes a whole lot of difference than the large sample rings we had to try on in order to make our decision. One less thing to worry about!!

Once they are in, I’ll show ya’ll the pictures!! Until then, I have a lot more news to update ya’ll on…now I just need to find the time to write about it.

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In honor of thanksgiving, I have decided to share a picture of the newest member to the family!! He a candy corn bear!!! Although candy corn is more of a Halloween treat, I figured even now this lil’ bear will still get the same reaction: “Awwwww!”

But that’s not it. I think it’s also very important to also share the many things that I am thankful for (although this will never be a complete list).

  • God would be the #1 thing that I’m thankful for, because without Him, I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am today. I owe Him everything so this day that is what I’m more thankful for.
  • The very close #2 (I mean, extremely close) is, of course, Ben. Because without him,  I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am today.  I owe him for showing me that I can give overwhelming, abounding love for another human being & that someone else can love me as unconditionally & without limits. I celebrate my first & only Thanksgiving as an engaged woman. Next year I get to celebrate  it as a newly married woman.
  • For another anniversary month with Ben. It’s fitting that our official date (4.24.2009) falls on the day we couldn’t help but remember to be thankful. That just makes this Thanksgiving all the more special.
  • For my parents. In the last year, we have grown so close to each other. All of those years of teenage rebellion seems like ages ago.
  • For my wonderful bridesmaids. The majority of them I’ve known almost my entire life & for that I am truly blessed. They are my truest friends.
  • Friends
  • My wonderful boss, Christi {Christi Falls Photography} & her sweet son Jackson.
  • Jobs
  • Graduating college
  • Being able to live at home & mooch off my parents. (Thanks Mom & Dad!!)
  • Having my own vehicle (…although I’m constantly reminded that I’m only borrowing it & it’s not mine)
  • Ability to fill my constant craving of sushi thanks to a weekend job at a sushi restaurant.
  • Turning 23 years old.
  • Music
  • Photoshop. (How did I ever live without it?)
  • Hot tea on cold days
  • Panera bagels (which ditto’s my sister’s own thanks for those delicious creations)
  • The occasional gorging on entire bags of Salt & Vinegar chips.
  • For colorful clothes that never cease to brighten my mood.
  • OWLS!!
  • Planning for my wedding
  • Photography
  • Aiden
  • Arts & DIY projects
  • Seeing friends after too long a time apart
  • Sleeping in
  • Personal heaters
  • Cuddling & kissing my baby [aka. Ben]

& that is just a list that I came up with while working at the restaurant.

As you can tell, I am thankful for a lot of things in my life & today, more that most days, I’m reveling in the wonderful life that I lead. I can’t have any complaints.

Hope everybody else has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!

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the way people lie

So it seems that I cannot sleep this morning {it’s 5 AM}. I’ve given up on trying to go back to sleep even though I know I have an awfully full day ahead of me. Instead, I have decided to be productive & blog. The other day I made a list of everything that needs to be blogged (or that I simply wanna blog about), & let’s just say that it was a pretty long list. So hopefully I have more time this weekend of semi-no working to cross some of those off!

But this morning I just wanted to share a song that has been stuck in my head for at least 3 weeks. I figured since it’s stuck in mine, I might as well get it stuck in everybody else’s. lol. It is a really good song though & a really great video. The Band Perry is pretty amazing.

[Disclaimer: this song is NO WAY describes my relationship with my wonderful, beautiful, loving fiance.]

p.s. I LOVE her dresses!!

I hope ya’ll are having a wonderful start to your Thanksgiving holiday!!

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I have finally found a little bit of time for rest & relaxation….& for updating the old blog. So much to tell ya’ll but where do I begin…..

Well, I guess I should start would the oldest news & then work my way to the present (in future posts). Today, I just want to share the amazing birthday present my Matron of Honor {MOH} gave me.

**** time to squeal ****

Of course there is the box of blueberry herbal tea


I can’t wait to drink it! But that’s not the best part. The best part is the green ceramic owl tea bag dispenser that accompanied the blueberry tea (or maybe it’s the other way around). Anyways, the opening at the bottom is where you can pull out individual tea bags to use. Then there is a lid which is where you refill the tea bags after the container has been emptied. Not to mention the owl is ADORE!!!

I absolutely fell in love with my present!! You combine tea with owls, & there is no way you can go wrong!!!!

Thank you to my wonderful Matron of Honor!!!

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November 19th, 2011

Can you believe that another month has gone by?! Yeah, me neither!!! But the calendar hasn’t lied to me yet. I have quite a few things to tell ya’ll soon, but I can’t quite yet. Sorry, but they need to be finalized first which is what Ben & I will be doing today. Gotta get dressed & head over to Ben’s house to clean before his guest(s) come for Thanksgiving. Then we have crucial wedding day errands to run — details to follow this coming week (hopefully). After that, it’ll be time for work. I hate that we are missing my church’s Thanksgiving Potluck, so all of ya’ll going must eat extra food for us!!

Have a wonderful Saturday!!

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Hello Everybody!!

I have a new video for ya’ll!! Well…the video is new but the song isn’t. I posted this same song sung by Dave Barnes last month. He was the original songwriter/singer of that song, but Blake Shelton also sings the same song. This is the one I listen for on the radio. I figured it was time to look it up & see how the video compares. Although I love Dave Barnes voice better, I LOVE this video so much more!!!

[p.s. For those of ya’ll that don’t know…the girl at the beginning is Miranda Lambert who just married Blake Shelton a couple of months ago.]

[p.s.s. I can’t seem to embed the video so go check it out on Youtube!]

I watched the video & just wanted to cry it was so sweet!!! I love how Miranda made a video for Blake the night before they got married. That might be a great idea that I steal for my big day. I love writing letters, but Ben doesn’t like reading them. (lol) So making him a short video would definitely have more impact on him.

Saving this to my idea folder!!!

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