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I just wanted to let everybody know that I’ve made a pretty big boo-boo. The other day, I reached my media library (jpg.) limit. I didn’t even know there was a limit, but after 9 months of blogging & a good 2,000+ images, I found the limit. I wasn’t too happy about it & thought I would have to pay more to upgrade my library capacity. Definitely didn’t want to do that, so me in all of my smartness decided that I would go through & wipe out the library…seeing as it couldn’t possibly have any effect on the pictures that have already been published to the blog.

But boy was I wrong!! It wasn’t until today — more than a few days after the fact — did I realize my mistake. Now all of the blogs before January 28th, 2012 that had pictures now just have a big white blank box where a wonderful picture should be.


Ya’ll don’t know how sad this makes me, but I am taking it surprising well. No tantrums, no crying, no screaming at Ben to help me fix a problem over the phone, & definitely no yelling at my computer. Ben was definitely surprised by how calm I am being about all of this, considering that once I threw a huge fit because Ben updated Facebook in the iPad which caused me to lose a message (only like 2 short paragraphs long — maybe 10-12 lines total) I was sending out to all of my bridesmaids.

I still don’t know how I am going to fix this. I don’t even know if it can be undone…unless I spend the time to go through each blog post, figure out what pictures I put in, find the files in my numerous folders on my laptop/hard drive, & re-upload them into each post. Yeah…..I definitely don’t have the time for that, so for now the problem remains unresolved but I am okay with that. Life moves on. Just letting you guys know that if you are scanning through old posts (except for all of the ones before May 5, 2011 — didn’t erase those), you won’t find any pictures. Sorry. But you can still read all of the lovely words I wrote.

But I will make it up to you by posting a lot of juicy wedding stuff in the next few weeks! I have lots of news to share!!!


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After spending an entire day with Angel knockin’ out a good portion of the wedding etch project, I put aside the painting for a week or so. I had much more pressing wedding issues to work on (posting about that later).

Last week, I had some free time to sit down & etch some more bottles. Here is one of my favorites from that day…maybe my favorite of all of them so far.

The “B” & “M” took me FOREVER to cut out of the contact paper!! Before I had talked about the vinyl letters I had bought. Well, those would only make an outline of the letters. Here’s the “LOVE” bottle using the vinyl letters:

See the difference? I can’t really explain it in words, so hopefully you guys understood. For this second bottle, I wanted the actual letters (“B” & “M”) to be the ones etched through. Since, I didn’t have any stencils like that, I drew the letters onto contact paper, cut them out, peeled off the sticky piece, & laid it on the glass. Voila!

I am extremely happy with it!!! Woohooo for the contact paper actually working, but it might be some time before I try that again. It’s so much easier just to cut out hearts.

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“My heart is ever at your service.”

– William Shakespeare

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I know everybody has been eagerly awaiting this post (lol) following it’s original. After the successful test run, I was excited to have Angel — one of my wedding day coordinators — come over to help. She was home on an extremely long winter break & was bored so I didn’t mind putting her to work. She came over Tuesday, January 10th & we spent a good many hours around the dining room table talking & etching. I sat on my side, drawing & cutting out the shapes — mainly hearts — while Angel sat on her side laying on the cream & washing it off.

Just like I mentioned the other day, you can use either stencils, painter’s tape, contact paper, or freehand your desired designs. There are probably other things you can use as well, but I don’t know of them. Anyways, this time we used two different size painter’s tape to create our designs — HEARTS. What better to describe the most wonderful day of a person’s life but with lots & lots of hearts?

It’s a cohesive theme & something that everyone loves (or at least likes). Before Tuesday, I went out to buy a larger bottle of Armour etch cream.

& by “big” I mean “BIG”!! Look at the difference!

Once I taped on the design I wanted, I handed the bottle over to Angel to paint.

Each bottle had a different design…all depending on whatever I decided to put on it.

I wasted no part of the tape. I used the outside cut-out square. Then I also used the cut-out heart.

& here is what Ben — my wonderful fiance — did while Angel & I were hard at work…..

He was actually supposed to be at work all day, but the truck he borrowed had broken down & we (Angel & I) had to go pick him up. He took the morning off to try & fix the car. Then he came back to the house & lounged around. What a helper! Not really. Here is my real helper:

We got quite a lot of bottles etched & cleaned. This is way less than half of them.

Can’t show ya’ll a picture of the finished project (well, not a good picture anyways), because a few things should be left as a surprise…until after the wedding at least.

Shout out to Angel for all of her help that day!!!! We made so much progress & I couldn’t have done it without her, because let’s face it, Ben isn’t the artsy type.

And I should also mention that Angel was my registering buddy at the Super Target near where Ben & I work. We went in later that day, got all of my registering done & then I treated her to some sushi. It was an extremely productive Tuesday! Now I’m registered at Target & Macy’s for all of you people buying us a wedding present! ^_^

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“Remember to build each other up, to strengthen and sustain, to keep companionship lovely and alive.

Remember dignity and respect; understanding; not expecting perfection; a sense of humor and a sense of what is sacred and serious;

common purposes, common convictions, and the character to stay with a bargain,

to keep a covenant.

In these are the making of a good and solid marriage.”

– Richard L. Evans

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LOVE: defined

“Love – a wildly misunderstood although highly desirable malfunction of the heart which weakens the brain,

causes eyes to sparkle,

cheeks to glow,

blood pressure to rise

and the lips to pucker.”

– Author Unknown

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[finally getting around to this probably much-awaited post]

Since about August/September 2011, I have been slowly collecting green wine bottles from the restaurant that Ben & I both work at (I only work on weekends…except tonight because I’m not feeling well). By now, I have about 100, but still collecting.

First I only grabbed a few to paint, but then I realized that this would be a great, inexpensive way to DIY some unique centerpieces for the wedding. After months of collecting & cleaning the bottles, I finally sat down to start etching them the week I got back from Hawaii.

Before Hawaii, I had completely cleaned off the dining room table & stored all of my projects, but here it is all ready for another round of crafting.

This day, I only had time to test out one bottle in preparation for the following week when Angel, a wonderful friend & co-wedding coordinator, was going to come over & help me get a jump start on this project.

For this project all you need is your glass surface, stencils, paint brush, tape, & this:

Armour Etch cream. I only bought a very small bottle, just in case the project tanked. The instructions were very simple, so I felt confident in the project.

I made sure the bottle was dry & free of all sticky residue from the wine labels.  You can use anything to create your design. This time I adhered some re-positionable vinyl letters to my desired location. They say you can use stencils or create your own stencils by cutting out designs in painter’s tape or contact paper. It has to be something sticky but not permanent. It needs to be able to peel off the glass easily. You can even freehand, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

After making sure the letters were firmly on so that none of the cream could leak behind & make the letters less exact, I loaded on the etch cream. Instructions say that a thick layer of this stuff should be applied. Do not want to be able to see the glass surface underneath. Then you leave it on for a couple of minutes before washing the cream off with soap & water. Easy enough, right?

Yupp! Except I learned that although you got results after only a couple of minutes, you could leave it on for like 10+ & everything would still be good.

Here’s some pictures of the bottle mid-process:

These letters were pretty big, but this was also one of the larger bottles I had.

Then here is what it looked like after:

What do you guys think?? If you notice the spots that are a little more white, I just didn’t clean the bottle very well before taking these pictures. Those are all gone now. Also, as you probably notices, I didn’t paint straight lines around the edges of the words. I wanted to see how the natural, freehand way looked.

I was so excited that this project worked!! Stay tuned for the pictures from my & Angel’s DIY day!

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