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A couple of weeks ago, I finished my second bridesmaid’s bouquet. This one is also super unique & — in my opinion — quite gorgeous.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Pretty intricate, huh?

Well…let me explain how I got to that point. I’ll try to be as succinct as I can. I picked up these scissors at A.C. Moore a long time ago & I couldn’t wait to actually use them.

They have multiple blades which means it takes less time to cut something into strips.

I would call these “strippers”, but that’s a little……yeah. So I’ve decided to call them “fringe scissors” instead. They are quite a lot of fun to use. Once Ben got a hold of them, he wouldn’t stop cutting up my post-it notes. That also goes with the staple gun, stapler, & heart hole punch.

I cut up an Anthropologie magazine pages into four equal pieces. These colors & textures on the pages would make for nice little details on the soon-to-be flowers. I folded these pieces once. Then I proceeded to “fringe” the strips on the folded side. Make sure that you don’t cut all the way down or the long fringed strip you need to roll into a flower becomes separate confetti strips that mimic mini spaghetti. Not what we want.

Once the strip is all fringed, you take it & roll it onto a floral stem. Don’t be too liberal with the glue, because then you end up with really sticky hands which attract so naturally to paper. Here’s how one looks.

Here is how a bunch of them look.

It took me a couple of days — between work, hanging out with Ben, & other projects — to finish all of them. Then I proceeded to stem a bunch of eclectic buttons I picked up over a year ago. I put it all together, & here it is:

What do you guys think? Yes? No? Can’t decide?

Well…it only really matters if Christine likes it. Everyone else can think what they want. lol


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As the big day draws nearer & nearer, I’m realizing that I can’t get all of the things done that I really would like. I’ve had to prioritize the crafts & wedding projects & learn to delegate things to other people.

I have asked Andrea, who is not only very creative but also super jung-ho about the wedding, to help me make cake toppers. I have an idea of what I want, but I just cannot find the time to sit down & make them. She is willing to take on this little project that would really pull the cake together. It’s the finally piece of that puzzle.

Here are examples of what I am looking for:

On Etsy, these custom pieces can cost up to $70. I would much rather have a friend make them for me & save the money. I bought a couple of practice wooden heads/bodies (about 5 total) that only cost be about $7.

I trust her to make me some really fun pieces that replicate me & Ben. I’m not worried. Plus, I know her dad — who is a very talented artist — can help if need be.


Note to Andrea: Take pictures of the process & send them to me when you are done so I can put them on the blog after the wedding to show everyone the amazing job I know you are going to do!

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[I know a lot of you have been anticipating this post & I’m happy to say that I’ve found time to write it. I promise you will not be disappointed with all the photo goodness!]

For those of you that don’t know me, let me share one thing about me today: I have a bit of daredevil inside of me. I’ve been known to eat crickets & red ants. Once in Honduras, I jumped off a 12-foot ledge into 3 1/2-feet deep water. For my 22nd birthday, I took Ben skydiving. Those are just a few of the crazy, “that’s dangerous!” things I’ve done in my life. For my 23rd birthday, I decided to fulfill another lifelong dream & that was to go up in a hot air balloon.

Unfortunately, the ride we were supposed to take on my actual birthday (Nov. 9th) got canceled. We rescheduled it for March 11th. Thankfully, this trip was not canceled, & we got the most gorgeous weather anybody could’ve asked for. Here are a ton of pictures that document the experience.

We all met up in downtown Asheville to take a bus towards the launch site. For every flight, the launch site varies due to wind direction, wind force, & weather. There are a lot of variables that the company needs to take into account. The balloon launches from a site that takes the balloon in the direction where there will be landing sites. You don’t want the balloon to take off towards an area with no open fields so that the balloon can’t land. But just because there are open fields, doesn’t mean the balloon will go down. We tried to land a few different times before the actual landing. Sometimes, the wind picks up right back up or the heat from the ground lifts the balloon up (which is why you can’t really fly during day when the sun is out warming the earth) or you drift too much into forests, houses, or any other obstructions. Balloon pilots aren’t just floating willy-nilly up in the sky. They are doing tons of calculations in their head to make sure no accidents occur. I have tons of respect for them.

The bus ride was extremely peaceful. The scenery was beautiful. When we got to the field & saw our balloon, I could feel the excitement start to build.

The crew was prepping our balloon. You can see the feet of someone underneath the side of the balloon.

In relation to the people, you can tell just how massive this balloon was going to be fully blown. This was actual the inaugural flight for the balloon. The company had just purchased it (the largest that they have) & was taking it out for the first time this morning. The basket attached to this balloon could hold up to 14 people. We had 12 pairs in the bus (& the pilot). Ben & I had no idea how we were all going to fit up there considering our first scheduled flight was only supposed to have 5 people.

There are four side standing compartments & one long one down the middle for the pilot & all his equipment. It was actually quite roomy, not that this picture really shows it.

We all got to go outside to take pictures, but Ben & I didn’t stay there long because it was still very very cold.

As you can see, I was very excited!!

I got some shots of a balloon that just took off as we got there. Somebody else’s ride. Here it is:

They had only 3 people in the basket. Our pilot told us that those people actually lived not far from the field. They have their own company, but today was just taking a fun ride for themselves.

Look at that big balloon!! It was absolutely beautiful. You had to be there to experience it.

Soon it was time to climb into the balloon & await lift-off. Ben & I shared a compartment with another guy who was there with his father.

Don’t we look happy?! Well….I do anyways.

That’s how much room was between me & Ben in the balloon along the width of the compartment. We put more room around the guy, because we felt it would be awkward to crowd a stranger. Technically, the compartment could’ve fit 4 people, but then no one would be able to move around the space to get different views of the sky. Thankfully our space buddy was skinny.

As we await lift-off, I get some pictures.

Doesn’t the sky just look so clear?! Yah!!

And here is our trusty pilot. I don’t remember his name (should ask Ben), but I do remember he was a third-generation flier & the balloon was named “The Dragon” in honor of the year of the dragon (2012).

When they announced we were about to lift off, I got myself all prepared for it but honestly, it felt like nothing was happening. All you could see was the ground getting a little further & further away. There was no adrenaline kicking in like when you are jumping out of an airplane. There was just peace, serenity, & a mind-blowing view of Asheville.

Here are two other balloons in the sky.

Do you see Ben’s spit towards the middle of the handle? This was his first attempt at spitting off the side of the balloon. It was a big fail. But we got a good laugh out of it.

Ben made more attempts at spitting. This picture is perfect, because I actually caught a picture of his spit mid-falling. Can you see that white thing that looks like sperm (hahahahah. Anna would get a kick out of that & her dislike of broccoli)? Well, that is Ben’s spit aimed at hitting a cow. It didn’t actually hit the cow.

We finally found a place to land (after a couple of attempts). It didn’t matter that it was in a random farmer’s field. As we came down, the crew came running out to catch the basket before the impact lifted us up back into the sky.

The moment we hit the ground, the crew jumped onto the sides of the basket in order to weigh us down. We bounced once, then stilled. The landing was probably the most thrilling part of the whole trip. lol. We had to wait in the basket for a little bit longer so a took a few more pictures.

Here was a group of cows staring at us, mooing like crazy. I think they were like, “What is that big thing doing in MY yard?!” It was hilarious to see them looking at us…checking us out.

Here is the farmer of the field we plopped ourselves right into. He was very kind about it. He & his wife were so excited to have a hot air balloon land in their yard that Sunday morning.

It was time for the crew to take down the balloon while we went back to Asheville.

Once we got back onto the bus, they popped around a bottle of champagne for us to celebrate the first flight of the Dragon & our successful flight.

Ben absolutely insists that the bubbly was laced with something that made him so sleepy that he couldn’t even drive home. Weak sauce.

It was a breathtaking experience, to say the least, & I advise everyone to try this at least once if an opportunity ever arises.

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It’s been so freeing not to feel like I need to find time to blog & blog & blog. I absolutely love blogging, but there are sooooooooo many other things I need to get done in the next 2 months. I guess I have a little bit of time now before I head over to pick up my baby & wait to go to a leadership retreat in VA.

A couple of weeks ago, Ben & I had the chance to take a trip up to Asheville,NC to finally go on my birthday hot air balloon ride. We decided to leave the day before so we would have a chance to stop by a town I’ve been dying to go to that’s on the way to Asheville: Brevard, NC.

The first time I heard about this town was through Young House Love, one of my favorite house & DIY blogs. I have gotten so many DIY inspirations from them & they break projects down so I feel confident in doing them myself. Anyways, since they blogged about this town & the great antique/consignment shops there, I knew I had to make a trip there.

We left Charlotte around 10 AM Saturday morning & arrived in Brevard around 11:30 AM. It was a super nice day outside & everyone there was enjoying it. We parked on the side of the road in the middle of downtown & headed to our first antique shop.

The inside was absolutely massive & surprisingly well-organized. I had to drink it all in.

Here is only one floor out of three!!

There was a section off to the side with all their hardware & outdoor items.

I was in LOVE with this huge entryway!!! I wanted it just to put it inside the house as wall art.

They had rows & rows of doors!!

JaJa has this obsession with doors. She would’ve loved looking through these.

In the back on the outdoor/hardware section was a place where a local company salvaged & refurbished extra hardwood & building materials into wet bars or tables.

I absolutely loved the uniqueness of each piece.

After we looked around this section for a bit, we went to peruse the rest of the “mall”.

These gave me a laugh.

They had these tags sitting around one section of the store labeling different items. I thought it was appropriate to take a picture since it is the theme of our wedding.

The only thing Ben ended up buying was a map…I forgot why, but he found it interesting & it was only $1. Wait. He also bought a walking stick.

I only bought one item here. It was a vintage catalog ad for Lifesavers. It was so adorable. I plan on framing it in the new house.

I had to keep calling Ben over, because I wanted to show him everything that I found.

Probably one of the coolest things we found was this:

It was a spy camera!!! It was so cute & primitive. We wanted it so badly, but only if it were like $20.

After about 1 hour in this shop, we ventured outside to see a couple more.

We went into this old-school toy shop.

Ben had quite a bit of fun in there. He loved the keyboard on the floor that played when you stepped on each key.

He also had his eye on a gun…which I did not allow him to buy.

I got a couple of more things in another store, but I must keep that a secret for now….

I could’ve spent the entire day in that town, but too bad we couldn’t. Ben & I have definitely made plans to go back there on a mini-vacation after we are married. I can’t wait!

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March 19th, 2012

Yup…..only two months away. That is not much time at all, & I totally know it. I can feel the pressure of the fact that there are only 60 days & counting until the biggest day of my life yet. Of Ben & my life…..our lives. Each day I go to bed with the giant to-do list in my head. I fall asleep making sure that I’ve made a note to send the check to the baker or go to A.C. Moore soon to buy more craft supplies. Then I wake up the next morning & start right in on that list, trying to chip away at it. I have all of the big things set & crossed off the list. Now is the time for all of the little details that make a wedding unique & special: the decorations, the vows, the parties, hair & makeup, the bridesmaids’ gifts, the timelines, the music, etc. I have so much to do than ever before on top of juggling 3 part-time jobs. I’m just so thankful that I do not have a full-time job right now.

Which brings me to the bad news. As much as I love blogging, it takes up a LOT (well…a good amount) of my time. I have to take pictures, then upload, then edit, & then blog about the entire process of things. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love doing it, but I really don’t have too much time for it now. I have to set my priorities. So I have decided that it is probably best to not blog too much so that I have more time to actually do the projects. But I promise I will document everything with photographs. I will blog when I can, but if I don’t get to it before the wedding, I promise that I will save the photos of the projects & blog about it after the wedding. I love sharing all the DIY stuff with ya’ll in hopes that one day it becomes useful when you do the same project.

I love ya’ll & thank ya’ll so much for reading this blog! After 2 months, I will be back to full blogging mode until I decide otherwise. For now, I’m gonna get crackin’ on the wedding stuff.

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I am working on sooooo many projects right now, it is making my head spin!!! A lot of them are still in progress so I can’t really share too much right now, but I guess I can give you a sneak peek in those DIY projects.

Well, right now, the top priority is getting the wedding invitations out. Once I go buy the stamps tonight, I can have them mailed out by tomorrow! So everybody, keep your eyes peeled for this one-of-a-kind invitations made by a wonderful lady my family has known since childhood (more deets on that later).

Then I have a project making my escort cards going on at night when I’m in the mood to do some stamping.

When I’m not working on that,  I’m finishing up on the lovely flowers that Andrea helped me make about a week ago.Those flowers are not the final product. You’ll have to wait & see on those.

Here is my little helper hard at working doing the crossword puzzle.

While she did that, I worked on taping more bottles to etch later.

I came up with the ingenious idea to etch scrabble tiles onto the bottles instead of just hearts. Here’s how they turned out.

The “O” leaked a bit, but you get the idea. More details & pictures on this later.

That same day she came over, my friend Louise also stopped by to led a helping hand.

She is painting some wooden blocks that I had cut out at Lowe’s.

In order to use for more giant scrabble tiles (not as giant as the ones for my Save-the-Date photos. Thank goodness. Those were heavy). Here is what we have done so far:

I have yet to sand the rest of the tiles that are sitting in the garage, but here is an idea of it.

Then, there is Christine’s bouquet…

Which is a project that I’ve finished, so I’ll show you all the details soon.

These are just a number of things that I’m working on. I also have my bridesmaids’ present being worked on, but that’s TOP SECRET!!! Therefore no pictures of that project will be shown until after the wedding…..

Okay. I lie. Maybe I’ll have a sneak peek of it. Who knows.

I also have the materials for JaJa’s bouquet, but I have yet to start it.

Then I went to Mary Jo’s Fabric Store on Wednesday & stockpiled $269 worth of various colors of fabric for a very huge project.

Soooo many things to do & not very much time. So I guess it’s time for me to stop blogging & start working.

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I was so excited that I finished my first bridesmaid bouquet that I just couldn’t wait to blog about it I had to upload a picture directly to Facebook. That allowed me to show ya’ll a sneak peek without having to put together a blog post right away. Life has been a little more than very busy but in a good way.

Well, here is a continuation of the first post I did about this bouquet {better than lace panties}. After I was satisfied with the amount of lace flowers, it was time to make a legit bouquet. So one-by-one, I added them to the ones in my hand to create a full yet symmetrical bouquet. Then once I had them where I wanted them, I tied a rubber band as tightly as I could around the bottom of the stems & scooted it up as far as I could without making it too terribly tight. Had to sit just right so it looked natural.

This ensured that the flowers would stay in the shape that I made (for the most part). Then I stuck ’em in the only “holder” I could find.

As you can see, it’s a roll of ladybug paper towels. I am quite resourceful. I left it sitting here are a few days because I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. Our first idea was to put brooches, because Lauren liked the idea of having brooches in it. I couldn’t find any that I liked, so that idea was nixed. Then I thought I would dip some of the flowers into glue then glitter. Nixed that idea too. Then I remembered I picked up these cute buttons on sale at Michael’s for about $.10 (yeah….awesome, right?!?!) & knew they would be perfect! So I dug those out & made them into flowers.

Love the schoolbus!!

Then here is this random one that I just had to take a picture of, but didn’t put in the bouquet:

Isn’t this the cutest giraffe you’ve ever seen?!?!?!

Here is Ben holding the bouquet for me while I went to find my camera along with a few other things. He was most helpful…even though he just sat there & played DOTA. I took the bouquet back to add in the cute school buttons.

I did get him to stop for a minute in between games & take a picture of the completed bouquet being held by moi.

Just to give ya’ll an idea of what it looks like complete.

I also had the stems wrapped first in floral tape then hot glued some nice shiny ribbon I found in the clearance section at A.C. Moore.

& voila!! My first of 6 bouquets (7 if you don’t count my tossing bouquet) is finished!!

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