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Here is bouquet #6 for my friend Hannah who was added into my bridal party a couple of months ago….a lil’ late but that still doesn’t change the fact that I am so happy she is one of my bridesmaids. She has been an amazing help with a lot of the sewing stuff that I needed done. Without her I probably would’ve either tried sewing myself or went an alternate more expensive route. Nonetheless, I have her.

I was extremely hesitant to start on her bouquet at first. I had an idea of what kinda flowers I wanted to try, but it felt a lil’ daunting. I kept asking myself, “What if it doesn’t work? What if it looks ugly?” That means I would have to spend more time that I didn’t have coming up with new, unique flowers.

Thankfully, the flowers looked amazing!!! Can’t wait for you to see them!!

I started off with a few old, ratty white t-shirts that I found in Ben’s house.

I don’t know which of the boys it belongs to (Ben or his 3 other brothers), but I doubt they will be missed. Don’t worry, I washed them before using them.

After I cut the hem off, I cut strips of t-shirt…about 1-2″ wide & the length varied. Then I rolled them fabric around the center, stopping every lil’ bit to hot glue the fabric down. This is how the first couple turned out:

It was working!!! So then I came up with the idea to use different fabric patterns to add a lil’ more fun & dimension to the bouquet. Thankfully I have been collecting these lil’ squares of fabric from A.C. Moore over the last year. I picked out about6 that I thought complemented each other & the white t-shirts.

I cut these into strips & started rolling them into flowers.

In no time, I had even more!!

& even more!! The process to make these flowers were a lot longer, but they were also the most fun. After I had about 10 or so flowers made, I added the stems to the bottoms.

As you can see, the flowers are pretty flat. There was no way to stick a floral stem into it without making it poke through the front. That’s not what I wanted. So I found a tutorial that says you hot glue the stem to the middle of the flower, then you hot glue a felt bottom to it in order to give it more support.

I decided to use green felt….because it’s a flower. duh.

& it worked!!

It is almost like the petals that usually sit underneath or around the bottom of flowers. This was not going to be a total failure after all!

Every time that I got a chance to work on the flowers, my pile grew bigger & bigger.

Once I had enough, I formed them into a bouquet. Here’s the end result:

What do you guys think?!

Well, since Hannah has already seen hers in person, I already know how she feels. 🙂


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Saturday, April 7th, 2012

The wonderful ladies of my church threw me a wonderful bridal shower a couple of weeks ago. I don’t have any photos of it, but this is just a shout-out to all of the people who made that afternoon pretty special!

Seeing as it was my first bridal shower (thrown for me), I was blown away by all of the work & preparation that ya’ll put into it. Thank you so much!

& thank ya’ll for the gifts! It pretty much took up the entire space in my car!!

I left it all in the car overnight & then moved it into Ben’s house the next day.

Now it’s all been moved into our closet floor space to be opened & enjoyed after the wedding. I can’t wait to use/display everything!!


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Onto bouquet #5….my lil’ sister’s. I figured I would take the time to reward myself with blogging after a long day of starting, continuing, & finishing various wedding DIY projects.

This bouquet took a bit of tweaking before it turned out to resemble something I imagined my sister liking.

She really loves peacocks & peacock green so I really wanted to incorporate peacock feathers into her bouquet. Also, she is really into music…not only playing instruments & singing but also listening to music. I knew from the beginning that these would be the two elements that made up her bouquet.

First I tried to make flowers freehand, cutting petals out & gluing them together individually. Here is the result:They looked fine, but I wasn’t feeling them so I decided to go with an easy DIY guide I found online.

They were pretty easy to put together.

It didn’t take long before I had a whole bundle of them.

After all the flowers were finished, it was time to add the second piece: the feathers.

First I thought craft stores didn’t carry peacock feathers, because back in November they didn’t.  But as of March, A.C. Moore added these feather packets along with various others. Each pack held 2 feathers & cost about $1. I bought more than a couple of packs.

I tried using those feathers in different ways in the bouquet. I put them in between the flowers, but they just looked weird. Then I tried cutting some of them & gluing them inside the flowers. That looked a whole lot better but still not what I wanted.

Then I just decided to scrap those feathers. But don’t worry, I had a plan. Thankfully while at A.C. Moore, I also picked up two large peacock feather stems that were sold separately in the floral section. At the time, I didn’t know what I would use them for, but I got them anyways. I don’t know if any of my words make sense so I will just show you the end result:

Thanks Mom for being my bouquet holder!

What do you guys think?

I am super excited about this bouquet & can’t wait ’til JaJa sees it in person. Hopefully she likes it.

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Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Two days ago Ben & I celebrate our three year anniversary. On that date three years ago (which would’ve been a Friday) is the day that Ben & I not only met for the first time but also started falling for each other. I wanted to do a really long blog post about the start of our love story…not many of you know all the details…but sadly with the wedding day drawing closer & closer each day, I just didn’t have the time & energy to “waste” towards that. I do promise that I will share it will ya’ll in the future…maybe at our four year anniversary, which will falls less than a month before our one year wedding anniversary!! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. lol

While Ben worked on Tuesday, I was at home busy crafting. I have numerous projects going on at once, & most of them you will have to wait to see ’til the wedding or after but I do promise that ya’ll will see them.

I am very sentimental about anniversaries but at the same time they aren’t a big deal. This year we kept it very simple. No presents (not like we had the time to shop or money to spend) were exchanged & I was completely fine with that.

That night, Ben & I went to dinner at Bask on Seaboard thanks to a birthday present Groupon from two very thoughtful friends.

The Groupon was for 1 appetizer & 2 entrees. We also ordered a bottle of wine, because they were half-off & it was our night to celebrate.

Our appetizer – Pork Wontons

O.M.G. They were absolutely to die for!!! Ben & I loved every single thing about them!

For our dishes, I ordered the NY Strip Steak

& Ben ordered the Surf & Turf

Both were extremely good! I loved my cheese grits!

We spent an hour & a half simply enjoying each others company. Allow we do spend a fair amount of time with each other each week, most of it is spent doing things: wedding meetings, wedding talks, fixing up the house, errands, work, etc. We rarely have had any moments to just relax & spend quality time with each other. No arguing, no stressing, & no planning.

Tuesday night was exactly what both of us needed.

Happy three year anniversary, my love!!! with many, many more to come!

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April 19th, 2012

SERIOUSLY….YOU CAN NOT BE SERIOUS!!!! I’ve known for a while that this day was coming, but I haven’t yet fully grasped the significance of it.

There is only one month left before the biggest day of my life. My insides are doing flips that would make gymnast dizzy. But I am not stressed. Just because I’m not stressed doesn’t mean that I don’t constantly feel a sense of urgency to get things done. I’m only truly calm when I DIY or craft & then complete a project. Looking back on this last month, I have gotten so much accomplished…not only with the wedding, but also with the house. I am pretty proud of myself. I have taken 30 seconds to pat myself on the back before getting back to work. lol.

I can’t rest yet…not until after the wedding. That’s probably what I’m looking forward to the second most (after finally being married to the man I gave my heart to almost 3 years ago) — not having to plan a wedding!! I get to finally relax. I only craft because I want to & I don’t have to rush!! Oh, I absolutely can’t wait. But until then, I have an amazing support system to help me through this last month of absolute wedding frenzy!!

Let’s git ‘er dun!!

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Here is bouquet #4 that I finished up about a week ago. This one was probably the easiest, because I already had all of the flowers made. Do you remember those crepe paper flowers I made last summer/early fall?? Well, those flowers were just sitting around not being used. I decided that all of the work I put into them, I must put them into a bouquet….so I did.


Christina: Hope you like it!!

One more piece of a project done!

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(not that kinda juice)


About a week or so ago, I have decided to go on a health kick until the big wedding day….or maybe even after. There is this phenomenon sweeping the nation called “Join the Reboot”.

This is where people go to find a natural way to get their body healthy. It’s about taking care of your body from the inside out by staying away from processed food, fast food, junk food, & sweets while getting your body to start craving fruits & vegetables. For me, it’s not about losing weight. I don’t have much weight to lose. It’s about getting healthy, especially before the big day.

I’ve been pretty health-conscious my entire life. I gave up caffeine in high school (which was over 6 years ago). I don’t drink coffee. I was a vegetarian for over a year back in 2009. I gave up sugar/desserts for about 8 months in 2010-2011 & just this January vowed to stay away from sugar/desserts. When I decide to do something, I stick with it. Now, I’ve decided to Join the Reboot as well. This is where you commit to a certain amount of time — 3 days, 5 days, 15 days, or a lifetime — sticking to a special healthy diet or just drinking nothing but specially prepared juices.

I have decided to take the 3 day challenge. This means that for 3 days — starting tomorrow & ending Sunday night — , I will eat nothing but the fruits & veggies that I juice. Yupp. It’s a completely liquid diet for 3 days. Don’t worry, I will still be getting all my nutrients natural through the fruits & veggies.

In order to prepare for this reboot, I have had to spend 1 week prior preparing my body by cutting out all junk food, fast foods, sweets, meat, & dairy. I have prepared myself a couple of “juices” this past week & it’s been amazing. I feel healthier.

I went to the grocery store Tuesday & picked up everything that I would need for the entire weekend.

All kinds of veggies that I have never tried before/rarely ever eat: Swiss chard, kale, beets, radishes (raw), parsley, etc.

This might seem kinda crazy, but I am absolutely excited to try this!! I’ll let you know how it goes!!

Here is the website link:

Join the Reboot

It is down at the moment, but I highly suggest that you check it out later!!

Also, you can check out their Facebook page:

Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead

It is so cool to read all of the amazing transformation stories about people getting healthier & losing weight. It’s amazing!

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