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Yupp…over a month later & I’ve finally gotten everything changed to my new last name — VANG. It strange how when a couple gets married, it’s the woman who moves & has to do all the work that comes with changing their name. I wanted to put it off, because it seemed daunting at first, but at the same time, I wanted to change my name as quickly as possible. Being in between jobs right now, it’s better that I did it quickly while I still had all the time to wait in lines.

It wasn’t hard going to the Marriage office downtown & picking up our license, but it’s a real adventure going to the Social Security office twice, because we didn’t have enough time to wait the first time there. Then heading to the DMV three times!! Trip #1 – didn’t realize that we had to go to the Social Security office first. Well, I was told to but Ben thought it’d be smarter to stop by the DMV because it was on the way. Trip #2 – the wait was only 20 minutes, but somehow the entire statewide DMV computer system shutdown & wasn’t about to be fixed anytime soon & I had to be at work that night. Trip #3 – after about 45 minutes of waiting, it took 5 minutes to get my license.

Now, I have a new Social Security card, a new driver’s license (that finally says I’m over 21!!), & two debit cards (one’s my own personal account which I haven’t closed yet & one’s a joint account with the hubby) all with my new married name! It’s pretty exciting. I also got my mailing address changed, but it seems like some are still slipping through the postal service & ending up at my parent’s house. Good thing we see each other enough so that this isn’t a huge issue. Soon those kinks will be fixed.

The last two things that I need to do is change my passport (when I find it) & change my email address. I’m hesitating on changing my email address, because I’m scared I’m going to lose emails/people I’ve subscribed to through my old email/present one. So if anybody knows how to avoid this, I will love you forever!


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I guess it’s time to start blogging again, don’t you agree? I figured if I didn’t, I would be horribly far behind! I guess it will all depend on how I feel that day. I might decide to blog about some of the DIY projects I still haven’t shown ya’ll from the wedding or I might just talk about married life. Who knows. Today, I’ve decided that before I put anymore honeymoon pictures up on Facebook, I would blog about it here. (p.s. everything will be kept G-rated :P)

After getting married on Saturday, May 19th…a month & a day ago…Ben & I stayed in Charlotte for one more day. My church wanted to throw a luncheon in celebration of the wedding. I was actually the one who came up with the idea, but they totally ran with it. Because of lack of space in the chapel & reception area, Ben & I had to seriously cut down our guest list. I grew up in my church & am close to many families. Since all of them could not be invited to the wedding, I wanted to throw a separate celebration for them/for us so they didn’t feel excluded. Sunday night was also the time Ben & I scheduled a family dinner with my parents, uncles/aunts/cousins, grandma, & my dad’s parents+sister who flew in all the way from Los Angeles. We ate dinner at this place that serves amazing sushi.

For those sushi-lovers out there, we got THREE sushi love boats. Only ya’ll would know how much sushi that really is. I was in heaven & stuffed a ton of salmon, tuna, & all other kinds of sushi along with food down into my belly. I was a happy bride.

Monday morning, Ben & I left for Virginia Beach. On Tuesday, we would be meeting up with a group of people to start practicing for Lynchburg Retreat (a retreat every Memorial weekend that I’ve been going to since I was in my mommy’s belly). Ben was asked to lead worship. This means we had to put a real honeymoon on hold until sometime later this year. But that doesn’t mean we couldn’t go up a day early to spend some quality time together.

Our friend Carlo who works at the Marriott hooked us up with a really nice oceanfront hotel suite as a wedding present (Thanks, Carlo!!)

The weather was absolutely perfect as well.

When we came to dinner, we were told that Mahi Mah’s was the place to be. Since it was only a couple blocks down from our hotel, we hoofed it.

The food was really good. We got some clam chowder, their famous hush puppies, sushi, & raw oysters. We were completely satisfied afterwards & to work off our food, we decided to talk a stroll down the beach & feel the water.

& boy was the water cold!!!

Ben seemed to be getting use to it, but I never did.

Before everybody arrived to practice on Tuesday, we went out in the morning & rented a tandem boardwalk bike.

It was the perfect weather for a lil’ morning exercise & sight-seeing.

Of course, like right when we start pedaling off the storefront lot, this kinda sketchy looking white guy — shaved head, scruffy facial hair, & relaxed clothing — flags us down with a smile. Because we couldn’t just blatantly ignore him, we stopped. For some reason, I got scared all of a sudden & reached out to grab my purse which had Aiden & all of our money/important stuff. I was so scared he was going to lunge at it & grab it (even though I had hooked the seat belts — for children passengers up front — through it a few times). He saw this & with a smile said, “I wasn’t going to take your purse.” That still didn’t make me feel any safer, but I smiled & laughed in response. Ben asked him what he wanted. He told us that his car had broken down a couple blocks up & that he needed to call a tow but didn’t have enough money. He asked us if we could give him some money.

The entire time he was telling this story, I had to fight the urge not to get up & run. The only thing holding me down was the fact that we just rented the bike & couldn’t leave it there in the middle of the sidewalk. At the end of his story, Ben tells him that we don’t have any cash. He asked us again. Ben said sorry but no. This was when the smile on the guy’s face disappeared. He turned angry & as he walked away was uttering words that I cannot remember but I will never ever forget his tone. It was so threatening.

We biked off as quickly as we could, & when he finally got out of sight, I breathed a sigh of relief. We were safe. God had kept us safe. Even knowing this, I still had nightmares about this incident for the next week or so.

Soon enough, Ben & I forced ourselves to put it out of our minds in order for it not to ruin our morning. We biked down the beach, taking in the sights.

We stopped a couple of times to take a few pictures.

Here is Ben trying to ram into me. So wonderful of him. Trying off his wife of only 4 days. lol.

Here I am doing a lil’ dancing number while Ben snapped away.

The beach was so beautiful (& clean). There was definitely not a lot of people around, but school was not out yet. I wish we had more time to spend there. Maybe sometime in the future.

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June 19th, 2012

Can anybody believe that it’s been a month since Ben & I got married?! We definitely cannot. We’ve had a month but it’s barely begin to scratch the surface of our entire future together. We went out to dinner last night….nothing fancy because we are very financially conscientious right now. We went to Boneheads on Rea Road near where Ben works. Then we stopped by Starbucks afterwards for some desserts. I got a gigantic oatmeal cookie while Ben picked up a lemon pound cake which I ended up eating today. lol. While at the grocery store picking up butter, Ben stops in the freezer section to get himself some ice cream. He’s been craving it for the last week. Since he was already there getting ice cream, I decided to get myself some too. Everyone should be allowed to splurge on their anniversary…whichever one that might be.

I really am a super lucky girl. I am more in love today with this man than I was on the day that I married him. We still have struggles, just like any relationship. They do not just disappear once the ring is on the finger. But we made a lifetime commitment to each other — in good & bad times — to work out our problems & to compromise. I think we are both better for that.

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(p.s. typing this all on the keyboard we just bought for the iPad using a gift card somebody gave us for the wedding. It’s pretty awesome!!! Just like typing on an even more portable laptop.)

It has been 19 days since we got married on May 19th (lol. perfect symmetry). How has it been? It’s been so hard trying to find the right words & I still do not know if I can explain it, but I will try my best. It has been…………everything I had hoped for & then some.

Like the first time I said the words “my husband” to Ben, I had to pause mid-sentence because it sounded so foreign on my tongue. I could see Ben was thinking the exact same thing. Then we both looked at each other, I said it again “my husband”, & we both giggled (Ben was more of a chuckle) at the meaning behind those two little words.

I still can’t believe it; but it’s real.

Just this past Friday, as Ben left for work around 12 PM, he leaned over to get ready to kiss me goodbye. “I’ll see you tomorrow,” He said. Ben caught it right after he said it. There was no need for that anymore. We both laughed at just how amazing it is that we are able to see each other every day & fall asleep next to each other every night. Think of all the gas we are both saving!!

Like I said, it has been everything I had hoped for & then some. But that in no way means that it is perfect. Ben & I both have plenty of faults, but we knew that before going into this marriage. We also both knew that those faults would not **POOF** just magically disappear once the rings were on our fingers. Even knowing that, we decided to get married. We didn’t have any blinders on. Ben accepted me for all of my faults, characteristics & quirks, just like I accepted his. Of course, in the last 2 1/2 weeks living together, we have gotten a lot more intimate with each other’s everyday habits…bathroom habits, sleeping habits, & everything else. Spending almost every sleeping & waking moment with each other for days upon days allows you to realize that even if you don’t like some of their habits – like Ben doesn’t close the door when using the restroom but thankfully my lil’ sis trained me well for that one – you are stuck with them so you better get use to it. Thankfully if Ben’s continuous need to play Epic Sax Man for everyone has not bothered me, then I’m pretty sure I can handle everything else.

That is all I have time for right now. Need to be off to work. As I get back to the idea of blogging every day/every other day again (it’s been a while), I can’t wait to show ya’ll some of the DIY stuff I had made for the wedding & things going on in the house department. Most of my stuff has been moved over….everything but the closet full of crafts I have no room for…just yet.

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