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“Marriage is a pretty amazing thing when you think about it.

For two people to live together for so long under the same roof is a big accomplishment.

Fifty-year anniversaries are becoming extinct, yet again proving that long marriages deserve awards and praise.

Sometimes I see old people in restaurants sitting together eating their meals and I watch them.

Sometimes it makes me sad.

They don’t even talk.

Is it because they have nothing else to say,

or can they simply read each other’s mind by now?”

– Jenny McCarthy


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“You want the moon?

Just say the word and I’ll throw a lasso around it

and pull it down.”

– It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

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I heard this song a couple of months ago for the first time on the way to work. I really really liked it, but it got engrained in my head after the 2nd episode of this season’s Bachelorette when Emily was on her one-on-one date with Chris.

Ever since then, I have not been able to get this song out of my head!! I also found out that one of my longtime girlfriends is secretly in love with country & also loves this song! lol.


I hope ya’ll enjoy, fall in love with country, & have a wonderful first day to the weekend!

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We are all born for love.

It is the principle of existence

and its only end.

– Benjamin Disraeli

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I love her

and that’s the beginning

and the end of everything.

– F. Scott Fitzgerald

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July 19th, 2012

This last month has been full of soooo much excitement & simple normality. Thankfully, I have some pictures.

Actually, on the day of our one month anniversary, my sister & I started a summer pottery class at Pottery Central. It’s an 8 week course, classes only one day a week that teaches you the different steps involved in pottery.

Here are a couple of pictures from Class #1:

As you can tell, my leggings got pretty messy. Thankfully, the clay comes right out in the wash. But now, thanks to a towel laid across my lap, I can usually prevent an after-class shower. The instructor is pretty amazing. We are both having so much fun in the class!

Then later that week, I met up with Ben to get a nice late lunch/early dinner before running a number of errands one of which was fixing the drive belt of Ben’s Prius at my uncle’s auto shop. We went to Bad Daddy’s down in the Ballentyne area. We have heard so many excellent things about that place, we finally had to go check it out. I was in heaven when I read that they had TATER TOTS!!

Ben & I also sampled one of their beers.

It was quite yummy.

Here’s my cheeseburger + sweet potato fries (which were so crunchy & awesome!!)

Here’s Ben’s breakfast burger + regular fries (also very crunchy & yumm yumm!)

Our review of Bad Daddy’s….it was awesome!! We cannot wait to go back someday soon!

We also went to Fuse Buffet, which is an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet + other yummy food. I went for the sushi, & I was not disappointed.

This was my first out of about 5-6 plates of sushi. The salmon & smoked eel are my favorite. I was impressed with their freshness & just couldn’t get enough. Just thinking about that makes me what to go back right now.

But this past month was also filled with some of the hottest weather of this year. That’s what my car said one day on the way to work.


Also, the peach tree in the front of our house was overflowing with ripe, delicious fruit. I went out one day & picked an entire bag full, but there was still so much left on the tree.

There was no way we would be able to eat all of them, so we gave all of them away. There are still more hanging out there, but the bees have found their way to that area & let’s just say bees & I don’t like each other.

Since I still am not working full-time, I have a lot of time to clean & organize. I still have so many items in boxes that I have yet to find a place for. But I’ve gotten a lot better at cooking (but not since Gus came into our lives about 1 1/2 weeks ago) & tried my hand at some baking.

Then with the rest of the time, I craft to my hearts content. I made this whole bag of items to sell at the beach.

Which reminds me…last year, I gave some items I made to be sold at a craft store located at Myrtle Beach. It’s run by one of my mom’s co-worker’s friends (I think. I’m a little iffy on the details), but I received my first check for my art!!

Can’t you see how excited I am? It was only a $38 check, but its the fact that I have finally gotten paid for my art (that doesn’t come from my parents. lol).

Here is another piece that I finished working on & can’t wait to get to the beach store.

On June 9th, Ben & I received our mini potbelly pig: Burton Guster (named after our favorite TV show Psych)…but we call him “Gus” or “Gus Gus” for short.

It means we’ve been pretty busy trying to bond with him this last week.

Welp, that’s what our lives have looked like this last month (since June 19th). We spend most of the time with friends, working, & just lounging around the house with each other. That’s how we plan on spending the next month of marriage as well.


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It’s a beautiful Wednesday, & I am just happy to be alive. I am thankful for so very much, & I just wanted to share that with you! Here is a sweet music video for your hump day.



This song gets stuck in my head all of the time & every time it does, I am immediately transported back to my wedding day. It’s like I’m watching that unbelievable day play at like its own music video with this specific song running the entire time. Safe to say, the song is very dear to my heart. I hope it brings up happy, loving memories to your mind when you listen to it!

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