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So for my dad’s birthday last week, I felt like I needed to make him something commemorative of this past year. I knew the perfect thing was to integrate some pictures of us from the wedding onto something. I got the idea from my wonderful friend, Andrea, when she made DIY coasters for my sister (CAMEL TOE!!) a while back. My dad & mom love drinking coffee, but last winter, every time I saw my dad working on the kitchen table, he had a mug of tea in his hands. We are very alike in that way, I can ease down about 5-6 cups when the weather is nice & chilly outside. Since our kitchen table has been in the family since I was 2 years old (they don’t make ’em like they use to), my parents have been stressing the point of using coasters for not only hot drinks but also the cold ones. The point is, any drink on the table should have a coaster underneath. I thought this was be perfect! It would be something sentimental, timeless, & useful!! How could anybody go wrong with that?!

The steps are pretty simple, here is the link I used (thanks, Andrea!!)

How to Make Photo Coasters

Honestly, sooooo easy!!

And they turned out sooo well, that I even started making some for myself!!


This would even make great presents to all of your bridesmaids…but instead of pictures of you with your fiance/husband, make a set of you & that bridesmaid! Just saying….but this is definitely a project worth trying out!!


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September 19, 2012

Today marks the passing of another month of marriage. They are just flying right by us, aren’t they?!

Any big changes in our lives? Why, yes. Just yesterday Ben interviewed & got the full-time Teller position at Wells Fargo after only 6 months of being there!! After another 6 months at this position he can apply for something bigger & better. This is good because I’ve decided to be a stay-at-home wife. Wait ’til he finds that out. Poor man.

But we are extremely blessed. I get to fall asleep next to the man I love knowing that I get to wake right back up next to him. I can make it through my day without him knowing that I get to see him every night when I come home. I get to plan a future with the one person I cannot see my life without. I might not have a job (full-time that is), we might not have that much money saved up, & we definitely do not know where the future is taking us, but we have each other. To me that’s enough, because I learned from the very wise (but don’t tell them I said that) parents of mine that it’s better to start off with a little — or even nothing — because it makes you appreciate the future when God gives you more.

We got another month to spend as husband & wife, & I pray that we get many, many more.

Happy four months, love!!

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September 14th, 2012

Today is my dad’s 54th birthday. I thought it would be only fitting then to blog about him.

After the wedding, one of the main questions I got was, “What was your favorite moment of the wedding?” That’s like asking somebody what is their favorite meal or favorite book or favorite vacation. There were so many moments of that day that I play over & over again in my mind & moments I will cherish for the rest of my life, but I think that my favorite moment has to be the one which I can never think about without crying (due to happiness, of course) — even to this day months later. That would by leaps & bounds have to be the father daughter dance.

For those of you who are not of Asian decent, let me paint you a picture so you can understand where I am coming from. As a culture, Asians are not the touchy-feely lovey-dovey type. To us, love is there but it is unspoken. Therefore, I grew up in a family that wasn’t about all the hugs & kisses — like everytime we went somewhere or got out of the car for school. We just were not into that physical display of affection. But do not for one second take that as a negative. I never felt unloved. My parents’ actions spoke louder & truer than any of their words ever could. I just grew up in a different culture.

I never felt like daddy’s little girl, the way people use that term. I could possibly go out on a limb & say that my little sister would say the same thing. But we knew he loved us. & we loved him. From the moment I first heard this song as a young girl, I knew I wanted it played at my future wedding. So when marriage & a wedding finally came into the picture, I knew this would be the song played as my father & I danced for the first time together.

Even before the wedding day, every time I listened to this song & imagined the father-daughter dance, tears would just start appearing at the corners of my eyes. I was extremely nervous, but not for the reasons that you might’ve thought. If I couldn’t make it 10 seconds into this song without crying or think about dancing with my dad, how was I ever going to stay composed while actually dancing with him? I was going to be a hot mess on that dance floor, & the girl in me thought, “I cannot run off all of my makeup on my wedding day!!” But regardless, I was not going to miss this moment for the world. I knew if I did, I would regret it for the rest of my life.

The moment my first dance with my new husband ended & my dad walked up to take my hand, I leaned into him & let the song play as we moved together. Throughout the entire song, I couldn’t open my eyes. Tears were already flowing down my cheeks, & the moment I opened my eyes & actually looked at my dad I would — without any doubt in my mind — start ugly crying. So I just held on for dear life & took the opportunity to remember everything that happened in those few minutes. I wanted to say something to my dad. I wanted to whisper words of love & thankfulness. To tell him that I wouldn’t be here without him. That I married a man very similar to my dad & that he didn’t have to worry; I was in very good hands. At that moment, while dancing our first dance, I finally felt like my daddy’s little girl.

So here is our father & daughter dance song. Play it & listen to it as you scroll through the photos from the wedding day.

Afterwards, I was told by the photographers that they have never ever seen a room so quiet & focused on the father-daughter dance. They were amazed.

My very good childhood friend also told me that during the song, she remembered — when we were little — me telling her that this would be my song. She said when she thought about that, she started crying. This is a girl who I’ve probably only seen cry — like more than just tearing up — only once or twice in our lives together. That is not a lot.

To my wonderful father: Happy Birthday! I love you with all of my heart & am grateful for the example you have set in my life.

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Happy Wednesday!! The week is almost halfway over! That should be exciting! Trying to comprehend the fact that we are well on our way into September. Where did the summer go that now it’s already fall?!

Anyways, it is time to share more wedding DIY projects!! Yippee! Ya’ll must be sooo excited! I’ve been putting off blogging for a big. Now that the wedding is over, I just think that there is no more rush to show ya’ll everything right away. So because I can, I have been procrastinating. But no more!! Today I’m gonna show ya’ll what I did for my table names & escort cards.

Honestly, there are sooooooooooooo many ideas out there!!

Like here: Martha Stewart ideas

or here: DIY vintage spoons table names

or here is a whole bunch!: A WHOLE BUNCH OF GOODNESS!

& that is probably not even a tenth of the ideas out there! This is a wedding project where you can’t go wrong by doing something creative. Just like I have always been saying (& all wedding professionals will say): Just do you.

Simple, traditional cards are the easiest, but they aren’t really fun now, are they? Don’t you wanna give your guests something to ooh & ahh over? Well, I did. That’s why I created something that would not only go with the whole Scrabble wedding theme, but also be super affordable.

For the escort & table name cards, here were my supplies:

  • Blank 3×5 index cards (= FREE because I already had a TON!)
  • scissors
  • large alphabet stamps (= FREE…already owned/bought in the clearance section at a Michael’s)
  • small alphabet stamps (= FREE …but really $1 from Michael’s which I purchased about 3 years ago)
  • green & black ink pads (= FREE because I already had them)
  • fine green sharpie (= FREE)

Therefore the cost of the entire project = FREE!! Pretty sweet if you ask me.

For the table names, I cut about 1/3 off the short end of the index card. Then I folded it over…like a hamburger, not a hot dog. I used the large letter stamps to ink on the first letter of the first & last name. Then inked the rest of their names with the small letter stamps.

I thought the stamps would tie extremely well with the overall theme, because they are like letters. Scrabble tiles have letters. You see where I’m going? Plus, they are green. Enough said.

Of course I did this while simultaneously watching Netflix/Hulu, surfing the web, & working on other wedding projects you see in the background.

I do not apologize for being a multitasker.

As for the escort cards, they were just cut into thirds using the blank index cards. I have my wonderful wedding coordinator/friend Andrea hand-write their names & stamp on the letter of their assigned table. Easy, no?

Then came the second half of the project: how I was going to display my escort cards.

I do not know the idea came about, but what I ended up doing turned out pretty awesome if you ask me. But try asking somebody else & see what they say.


  • 3 mediumish-large picture frames =$25 …two identical ones ($10 each) I purchased at a thrift store near Habitat for Humanity & the other one ($5) was purchased at the Bargain Hunters Thrift Store close to my house
  • a bunch of ribbon = $1 each from Michael’s
  • staple gun + staples = $15
  • packaging tape
  • scissors

Total project cost = ~$45

Here are the two identical frames. I bought them with the glass, picture, & backing still on them. For $10 that was a steal! Some other thrift stores had the same kind of frames being sold for $40. When I got home, I took out the backing, glass, & picture.

Did the exact same for the third one. After that was all done, I had the hubs (fiance at the time) help me with the ribbon: stretching, taping, & stapling.

We didn’t think that taping or stapling in & of themselves would be secure enough, so we played it safe & did both. Here is how they turned out!

Beautiful!!!!!!!! Now let’s see them in action!

[note: all photographs from here on out are courtesy of Jagger Photography]

In the end, just be creative & have fun with your projects!! It’ll be worth it in the end. I have all three frames set aside to one day hang up & use as a message/memory board. That is a project that can be transformed into home decor after the wedding which makes it the best kinda wedding project ever!

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I almost forgot to post about this. As all of ya’ll know, I have a wonderful boss who takes amazing photos. And sometimes she likes to take those amazing photos of me. lol.

I think I’ve been photographed by her way too many times.

  • (1) our engagement session
  • (2) Valentine’s Day session — all about the love
  • (3) Vintage birdcage styled shoot — they couldn’t find a model so I was the easiest person on hand.
  • (4) my Bridal session
  • (5) our Rock the Dress session

I invited her & the fam as guests to the wedding, but of course Christi couldn’t help but bring her camera along & snap some photos. I wouldn’t have expected anything else.

Here is the link to those photos:

Mimi & Ben

Hope ya’ll enjoy & have a wonderful Thursday!!

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