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So for my dad’s birthday last week, I felt like I needed to make him something commemorative of this past year. I knew the perfect thing was to integrate some pictures of us from the wedding onto something. I got the idea from my wonderful friend, Andrea, when she made DIY coasters for my sister (CAMEL TOE!!) a while back. My dad & mom love drinking coffee, but last winter, every time I saw my dad working on the kitchen table, he had a mug of tea in his hands. We are very alike in that way, I can ease down about 5-6 cups when the weather is nice & chilly outside. Since our kitchen table has been in the family since I was 2 years old (they don’t make ’em like they use to), my parents have been stressing the point of using coasters for not only hot drinks but also the cold ones. The point is, any drink on the table should have a coaster underneath. I thought this was be perfect! It would be something sentimental, timeless, & useful!! How could anybody go wrong with that?!

The steps are pretty simple, here is the link I used (thanks, Andrea!!)

How to Make Photo Coasters

Honestly, sooooo easy!!

And they turned out sooo well, that I even started making some for myself!!


This would even make great presents to all of your bridesmaids…but instead of pictures of you with your fiance/husband, make a set of you & that bridesmaid! Just saying….but this is definitely a project worth trying out!!


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Happy Wednesday!! The week is almost halfway over! That should be exciting! Trying to comprehend the fact that we are well on our way into September. Where did the summer go that now it’s already fall?!

Anyways, it is time to share more wedding DIY projects!! Yippee! Ya’ll must be sooo excited! I’ve been putting off blogging for a big. Now that the wedding is over, I just think that there is no more rush to show ya’ll everything right away. So because I can, I have been procrastinating. But no more!! Today I’m gonna show ya’ll what I did for my table names & escort cards.

Honestly, there are sooooooooooooo many ideas out there!!

Like here: Martha Stewart ideas

or here: DIY vintage spoons table names

or here is a whole bunch!: A WHOLE BUNCH OF GOODNESS!

& that is probably not even a tenth of the ideas out there! This is a wedding project where you can’t go wrong by doing something creative. Just like I have always been saying (& all wedding professionals will say): Just do you.

Simple, traditional cards are the easiest, but they aren’t really fun now, are they? Don’t you wanna give your guests something to ooh & ahh over? Well, I did. That’s why I created something that would not only go with the whole Scrabble wedding theme, but also be super affordable.

For the escort & table name cards, here were my supplies:

  • Blank 3×5 index cards (= FREE because I already had a TON!)
  • scissors
  • large alphabet stamps (= FREE…already owned/bought in the clearance section at a Michael’s)
  • small alphabet stamps (= FREE …but really $1 from Michael’s which I purchased about 3 years ago)
  • green & black ink pads (= FREE because I already had them)
  • fine green sharpie (= FREE)

Therefore the cost of the entire project = FREE!! Pretty sweet if you ask me.

For the table names, I cut about 1/3 off the short end of the index card. Then I folded it over…like a hamburger, not a hot dog. I used the large letter stamps to ink on the first letter of the first & last name. Then inked the rest of their names with the small letter stamps.

I thought the stamps would tie extremely well with the overall theme, because they are like letters. Scrabble tiles have letters. You see where I’m going? Plus, they are green. Enough said.

Of course I did this while simultaneously watching Netflix/Hulu, surfing the web, & working on other wedding projects you see in the background.

I do not apologize for being a multitasker.

As for the escort cards, they were just cut into thirds using the blank index cards. I have my wonderful wedding coordinator/friend Andrea hand-write their names & stamp on the letter of their assigned table. Easy, no?

Then came the second half of the project: how I was going to display my escort cards.

I do not know the idea came about, but what I ended up doing turned out pretty awesome if you ask me. But try asking somebody else & see what they say.


  • 3 mediumish-large picture frames =$25 …two identical ones ($10 each) I purchased at a thrift store near Habitat for Humanity & the other one ($5) was purchased at the Bargain Hunters Thrift Store close to my house
  • a bunch of ribbon = $1 each from Michael’s
  • staple gun + staples = $15
  • packaging tape
  • scissors

Total project cost = ~$45

Here are the two identical frames. I bought them with the glass, picture, & backing still on them. For $10 that was a steal! Some other thrift stores had the same kind of frames being sold for $40. When I got home, I took out the backing, glass, & picture.

Did the exact same for the third one. After that was all done, I had the hubs (fiance at the time) help me with the ribbon: stretching, taping, & stapling.

We didn’t think that taping or stapling in & of themselves would be secure enough, so we played it safe & did both. Here is how they turned out!

Beautiful!!!!!!!! Now let’s see them in action!

[note: all photographs from here on out are courtesy of Jagger Photography]

In the end, just be creative & have fun with your projects!! It’ll be worth it in the end. I have all three frames set aside to one day hang up & use as a message/memory board. That is a project that can be transformed into home decor after the wedding which makes it the best kinda wedding project ever!

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(p.s. I do not remember if I ever posted these photos, but here they are again)

As I have been doing a lot of pinning in the last couple of months, I have realized that as much as I love seeing everybody else’s tips on cleaning, cooking, crafting, & more, there are some tips that I can offer the world as well. Tips that I have either learned from other & tweaked or tips I have had to discover to lots of trial & error. I think this is a perfect time for me to share some of them, don’t you?

Today’s tip is all about the reception seating chart. Once you get all the invitations addressed & sent out, you can take a little breather…that is until all the RSVPs start arriving. Then start a list of all the people who replied (in the order they arrive so none slip through the cracks) along with their response — yay or nay — & the number in their party. I also recommend that you keep the RSVP cards until closer to the wedding, just in case you need to verify some information that got miss-typed or if they change their response. Being one (or four) steps ahead saved me a lot of headache & should help to save you some too!

Once the RSVP deadline has passed, & you’ve contacted all the stragglers for their response, it’s time to get the final head count & breakdown you big list into smaller lists: family, your side, your fiance’s side, mutual friends, & however else you need to divide it. For example, I split the list like so: Wedding Party, my family, Ben’s family, mutual friends, church families/friends, Ben’s friends, & children (because younger than 12 were in a separate area).

At the same time, you also need to see how many people can be seated in your reception location. Usually locations used for weddings will already have an idea, but the setup design is usually up to the bride/groom. Because we would be using our church gym, I had to figure out how many seats were available on my own. Then I pulled out one of the many poster boards I own & use for various art projects. I drew out my desired layout for the gym — all the tables and chairs that were going to be there on the actual day. Mind you, this was not my first draft. I had multiple copies of the layout drawn out on sheets of paper.

It wasn’t until we finally nailed down the actual day of look did I draw this & start to place people.

Of course, Ben & I had our head table. ^_^

As I was getting ready for the wedding, I remember finding a tip that told brides to instead of permanently writing their names into their designated seat on your chart, write them out on post-it notes. Therefore, when (not IF) you had to move them around, the chart would still look effortless & no one would know just how many times a person got shifted around.

I can tell you that even up until the wedding, post-it notes were being shuffled around. This method was fool-proof, & I do not mind bragging about it!

I hope this is helpful to those of you who are planning their wedding now or will do so in the future!

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Scrabble rocks!

I was so in love with the scrabble theme for our wedding, I went a lil’ crazy. I had extra supplies & tiles after my bridesmaids/bridal posse gifts so I made myself two frames with words written out in Scrabble tiles.

This is one was composed of a bunch of happy words to symbolize how wonderful & special our wedding & life afterwards would be together.

It’s so cute & personal!

The second one was a lot simpler (aka. used less tiles) but probably holds a lot more meaning for me.

I love it because it has the word “owl” in it, & everybody knows how much I love owls!

We had both of these frames sitting on the sides of our sweetheart table during the reception. Now one of the sits on our Ikea bookshelf in the bedroom & the other is awaiting the day it will be hung on the wall in our future home. Here is another perfect example of how wedding decor can double as art/wall decor in your home after the big day.

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Here is the second part of the DIY bridesmaid’s presents that I made. These gifts were also sooo much fun to make. I spent a lot of time collecting various interesting-looking picture frames. Some were bought at craft stores…but always on sale, of course. Others were picked up at different thrift stores. Love buying frames (with or without the glass) for less that $1.00.

This is the project I bought all of those scrabble tiles for — pictures in some previous post. Then I also purchased 13 scrabble boards (just the boards) from Ebay for only $20. I had a couple of them already so I was set. Once I had all my supplies, I went to work.

The main supplies: cutting board, box cutter, hot glue gun, frames, scrabble boards, & tiles.

After tracing the lines, I cut out boards to fit the frames.

It’s not that hard. You just need a trusty craft cutting board, a sharp box cutter & steady hands.

Here’s a stack of some of the incomplete ones:

Then I hot glued the boards into the frames. First I was going to staple the boards in with this:

but then realized it was much easier to just hot glue.

When I was testing out the staple gun on a back of a frame, I couldn’t seem to get the nails out with conventional pliers, so my genius self thought to use scissors to try & pop them out. Instead, I popped out a dime size piece of my left index finger. While still in shock, I found the piece of skin that flew off my finger & landed on the carpet & quickly threw it in the trash can. This was when I began to notice just how profusely my finger was bleeding. Then I felt the pain. I quickly grabbed a bunch of tissues which I keep at hand at all times — just for those few moments like these. Nah. I have a lot of allergies — & put pressure on my finger all the while squealing like crazy. Don’t get that confused with crazy screaming. I didn’t scream, but I guess I made a sound that caused my parents to see what was happening. I did freak them out. My dad helped me inspect the wound, but you could hardly see it because as soon as the blood was pressed out, of the gaping hole, it filled right back up. My mom wouldn’t come near us, because she can’t stand seeing stuff like that. Eventually, we just squeezed a TON of  Neosporin on it, — to equal the amount of blood coming out at the same time — wrapped it in gauze pads, & sealed the edges with medical tape. I couldn’t bend my finger anymore.

It was not the first time scissors have bit me, &, knowing my crafting self, it will not be the last. I’m just happy it happened in April & I had time to heal before the wedding.

Anyways, back to the project. The key is to cut the board to fit the inside groove on the back. When you turn it around, you’ll notice that there is a lip where the pictures, glass, & backing sit. This allows you to make the piece more secure because it can be popped/nestled in there.

Once the frame was in, I positioned the letters & then hot glued them down.

& voila!! It’s done! But I had quite a few to finish making.

Here is about half of the frames that were finished.

& here they are individually (I believe I’m missing one — Victoria — because since it was made last minute, I was never able to get a picture of it, but you can imagine what it would look like):

Once all of them were complete, it was time to box these puppies up! I wanted to make sure they stayed safe during the processing of cleaning my room & transit to the girls, that I didn’t think bags were appropriate, so I decided to use boxes. But I knew it was be a problem finding boxes to fit the different size frames I had. Thankfully, around Christmas time, Hobby Lobby sells tons of gift boxes for cheap. I got like 4-5 shirt boxes for $1.00. I cut up these shirt boxes down to the size of the specific frame. Yes, even the gift boxes were DIY-ed!! & here they are!

With a lil’ wrapping paper, curling ribbon, & name tag, this gift were finished & set aside in order for me to move on to the next project on the list. Totally couldn’t wait for the girls to open this gift!

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It is customary for brides to give a little sumin’ sumin’ to their bridesmaids as a “thank you for putting up with all this wedding talk for months — or in my case years!”. The bride has full discretion over what she gives & how much she wants to spend on the gifts. I, being on a strict budget & already being super crafty, decided to hand-make all of my presents. In the end, there were three distinct presents I made for not only my lovely 7 bridesmaids but also a couple of girls that helped me throughout the entire wedding process: Anna (aka. Flower Lady), Andrea (wedding coordinator), Angel (wedding co-coordinator), & Louise (helper).

Gift #1: Everybody knows about the unique bouquets I made for each bridesmaid.

Those took the longest amount of time, but so worth it to see how much each girl loved their bouquet.

Gift #3: [I skipped gift #2 for now because it calls for a lengthier post coming in the next week] was a smaller gift I added closer to the end. I have always wanted to paint teacups, but never could find enough (without going too expensive or getting the ones at Ikea — which I didn’t know about ’til after). When Ben & I traveled to Brevard before our hot air balloon ride, we found a shop that had enough teacups for me. I was super duper excited!

It doesn’t take long to do, but you need multiple coats of paint.

Here are all the supplies:

Contact paper which I used to cut the design out that I wanted, the teacup – of course -, & paint specifically for porcelain.

This Martha Stewart paint is very versatile & can be used on multiple surfaces. That makes it the more economically purchase.

Keeping with the wedding theme, each cup would be getting the initial of the intended girl using a cut-out templates from the contact paper.

After painting on the first coat, I immediately & carefully took off the contact paper. Good thing I did, because some paint had leaked through the clean edge I thought I had secured tightly enough by pressing down on it. I had to wipe it up with a paper towel/clean brush before it set. This is prone to happen so expect it.

Therefore, each subsequent time that I layered on another coat of paint, I did it free-hand.

I quickly found out that each color went on a little bit differently. Some needed more coats to look solid while others only needed two.

Because my lovely sister was the Maid of Honor, I decided to use her entire name on the cup (thankfully it’s already a short name).

Then, because I had a cup left over, I made one for myself.


Isn’t it just adorable?!

Instructions said to let to cure (or sit without being used) for about 21 days which was around the time the girls finally received their gifts. The paint is not dishwasher safe or safe to digest which is why it shouldn’t be used on the inside of the cup (FYI). Hand-washing means that the paint will last a lot longer.

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So here one of the wedding projects I have yet to post. Instead of using numbers to mark all of the tables, I decided to continue with the Scrabble theme & use letters.

In a super old Ikea magazine, I fell in love with their Tolsby frames.

They are so cute, simple, & only $.99 each!! For that price, it was not going to put a dent in our wedding budget & also I could re-purpose them after wedding…which I totally plan on doing.

Then I drew/colored letters onto pieces of green cardstock that would go on each side of the frame. I used letters that were symbolic.

Then I made two special ones for our sweetheart table.

I couldn’t get over how cute they turned out!!

When they were all finished, they got boxed up to be taken to the reception.

Today, they are back in that box & awaiting the time I replace those table letters with pictures in order to display in our new home.

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