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So for my dad’s birthday last week, I felt like I needed to make him something commemorative of this past year. I knew the perfect thing was to integrate some pictures of us from the wedding onto something. I got the idea from my wonderful friend, Andrea, when she made DIY coasters for my sister (CAMEL TOE!!) a while back. My dad & mom love drinking coffee, but last winter, every time I saw my dad working on the kitchen table, he had a mug of tea in his hands. We are very alike in that way, I can ease down about 5-6 cups when the weather is nice & chilly outside. Since our kitchen table has been in the family since I was 2 years old (they don’t make ’em like they use to), my parents have been stressing the point of using coasters for not only hot drinks but also the cold ones. The point is, any drink on the table should have a coaster underneath. I thought this was be perfect! It would be something sentimental, timeless, & useful!! How could anybody go wrong with that?!

The steps are pretty simple, here is the link I used (thanks, Andrea!!)

How to Make Photo Coasters

Honestly, sooooo easy!!

And they turned out sooo well, that I even started making some for myself!!


This would even make great presents to all of your bridesmaids…but instead of pictures of you with your fiance/husband, make a set of you & that bridesmaid! Just saying….but this is definitely a project worth trying out!!


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