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I almost forgot to post about this. As all of ya’ll know, I have a wonderful boss who takes amazing photos. And sometimes she likes to take those amazing photos of me. lol.

I think I’ve been photographed by her way too many times.

  • (1) our engagement session
  • (2) Valentine’s Day session — all about the love
  • (3) Vintage birdcage styled shoot — they couldn’t find a model so I was the easiest person on hand.
  • (4) my Bridal session
  • (5) our Rock the Dress session

I invited her & the fam as guests to the wedding, but of course Christi couldn’t help but bring her camera along & snap some photos. I wouldn’t have expected anything else.

Here is the link to those photos:

Mimi & Ben

Hope ya’ll enjoy & have a wonderful Thursday!!


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Today is the perfect day to show some of my favorite pictures from the Valentine’s Day photo shoot with my wonderful boss, Christi Falls.

I hope ya’ll have an amazing Valentine’s Day! I plan on seeing Ben this afternoon, but only for a little bit. We aren’t very big on celebrating Valentine’s Day & although other years I have minded, this year I am perfectly content to let it pass as any other day. I have no desire to receive flowers or chocolates…considering I think real flowers are a waste of money (hence all of my paper/fabric flower projects) & I don’t eat chocolate Ben doesn’t have to waste his money on either of those things. I am just happy knowing that Ben & I are getting married in a few short months & after that we’ll have 60+ other Valentine’s Days to share together.

This is the picture you’ll see on Christi’s website. lol. Ben & I had a good laugh when we saw it because we weren’t expecting it.

Here is the custom-made red tie I bought from Etsy along with the scrabble tiles & heart that I taped to his suspenders. It ties our wedding theme in pretty well.

Ben has the key that fits perfectly into my heart.

Here’s a felt heart I stitched withh some scrabble tiles on it. Sooo cute!!


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So like a couple weeks ago, I picked up the newest edition of Carolina Bride magazine in order to look for the wedding that my boss Christi Falls had featured. As I thumbed through the magazine, I stumbled upon a photo of a girl that looked just like….me…..wait…it was ME!!! In my head, it literally took me like 10 seconds to make the connection, because I have never been featured in any magazine before.

I was shocked, flustered, giddy, & in disbelief as I read the little blurb about myself.

Christi Falls Photography has a new office assistant, Mimi! She is a recent graduate from Elon University who loves blogging, photography, art & DIY projects. After getting engaged this past April, she had the pleasure of having Christi Falls photograph her engagement session. When Mimi is not busy working with Christi, she is busy planning her own 2012 wedding. We are so happy to have her on our team!

Of course this shouldn’t have come as a shock to me. I remember specifically when Christi asked me to submit a picture to the magazine for their Business Spotlight section. This is the place where local NC businesses get to tell what’s going on in their little corner of the business market. What’s even more funny is that I wrote my own little blurb. lol.

But after submitting it, I completely forgot about it until I opened up to page 130. We wanted to try & find a photo from that session with only me in it, but this picture is the closest we got to being just me. I giggle every single time, because it’s almost like Ben is faceless. But in order to respect his privacy, I left his face out. Can’t have him getting more famous than me. Haha.

Every time I look at the magazine it makes me feel so special! I am so blessed to be able to work with someone as awesome & talented as Christi. Every day I work is an adventure & learning experience.

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