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Back earlier in the year, this was what Andrea typed into Google when we tried to figure out what Anna could do as she walked down the aisle as a flower girl: “modern day flower girls don’t throw petals.”

Remember my not-so-little flower girl?

Yupp. That is her, reppin’ our small group name “Call Me Potato”.

Well, as ya’ll know, I’m not a very traditional girl. For the wedding, I wanted to “do me”. I didn’t want to be restricted to the norms & traditions that we already set in place. I hate being put in a box &, therefore, do whatever I can whenever I can to break that mold.

Just like with picking my flower girl. I didn’t go the traditional route & pick someone young (well, younger) & cute. Well, there’s no denying Anna is cute, so I only half-veered from tradition. I picked the person I saw as my flower girl, not carrying what anybody else thought. I made the decision that would make me the happiest (& Ben didn’t care either way — if I’m happy, he’s happy. duh).

This same thought went into deciding what the flower girl would do walking down the aisle. Every has them walking down throwing petals, but there are times when I really hate doing what everyone else has done for the simple reason that everyone has done them. There’s was no way I was going to.

And this brings us to the Google search: “modern day flower girls don’t throw petals.” Andrea & I actually got some good ideas from that. Carrying a banner, holding pinwheels, those twirly streamers, & a couple of other ones that I just can’t recall anymore. All of those things didn’t fit. With such a “mature” flower girl, I needed something a little more sophisticated. more modern. more me.

This is when somehow the idea formed & grew for what we actually did: a jar-like basket filled with paper hearts cut out from a romance novel. I have always had an addiction with hearts. After Christmas, I always eagerly await for Valentine’s Day to come. As I do my normal weekly shopping trips to Target & my craft stores (Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, & A.C. Moore), I scout out all the to-die-for Valentine’s Day decor sitting on the shelves. But I don’t buy them then. Oh no. I wait until after Valentine’s Day to do all of my shopping…because this is when all of those beautiful things become 50% off!! Then I stock up & save! Anyways, that just proves my point. I love hearts & Valentine’s Day. & love. So it’s safe to say that I also love romance novels. This is why I thought it was only fitting to incorporate that somehow into our scrabble themed wedding. {Scrabble tiles spell out words. Romance novels are filled with words. You see the connection?} So I did, & here is how it turned out.


Just remember that even if it’s something as simple as deciding what your flower girl is going to do/throw while walking down the aisle on the big day, just make sure to “do you”, & you’ll never go wrong.


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